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NOTE: Politics and religion and any other topic likely to become highly charged are not allowed, and threads may be deleted or closed if they start or trend, respectively, towards "spin" topics.

  1. Gone West

    This forum is where we share remembrances of our departed brothers and sisters in aviation who have taken the permanent 270 heading and have passed on from this world.

    While nobody was perfect in this world and sharing the imperfections of our friends can be an important part of remembering them, it is also expected that posts be respectful. The rule of no personal attacks applies to the departed.

    One thread is permitted for each deceased person. Duplicates will be merged.

    This forum is intended for people who were members of PoA specifically, although exceptions may be made for those who were otherwise friends and known within the group.
  2. The Book Club

    Welcome to the PoA Library, where you can review and discuss your favorite literature!
    Latest: 200 Aviation Books tinerj, Jun 24, 2022
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