“F-16 fighter jet EXPLODES and another is damaged in Belgium after mechanic fires Gatling cannon”

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May 26, 2006
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ElPaso Pilot
When your mechanic BRRRRRRTS his own airport’s flight line...



So much for self sealing fuel tanks. ;)
Gotta love tabloid coverage of aviation. :confused:
With friend like this, who needs enemies ?*

* to be spoken in fake russian accent
Auto-cannon maintenance manual:
Step 1: unload weapon
Something tells me that an exploded war plane is not capable of traveling at supersonic speeds. At least, not on its own.

Sure they are, but unfortunately, not as an assembled and functioning aircraft and in a single direction....:p
I heard stories in the AF about the F4. In one case it was a C model which doesn't have a built in gun but can carry a centerline gun pod. Pull the trigger with the gun unsafe on the ground and you blow off the nose gear. Also heard about a maintenance van and it's occupants getting hosed in a similar situation. Could have been the same event or it could have just been a story.
I would have thought that the armament specialist would disarm weapons before the every day general mechanic got near the aircraft.