{NA} Will Sales tactics ever modernize?

I used to negotiate contracts for a living. Typically very large and complex - I think the most I was ever involved with was $3B a year for 6 years and many in the $600-800M range. I absolutely hate buying a car. I have yet to meet a car salesman, GM or anyone else associate with the sale that can figure out their azz from a hole in the ground when it comes to negotiation tactics, strategies and skills. They are beyond terrible. The single and sole exception is the multi-line dealership in Kellogg, Idaho. Grew really large based on internet and phone sale - so large that people flyin all over the country to buy Dodge Vipers, etc. The price you pay is the same price everyone else pays and well below other dealers. They don’t screw around, talk you in or out of something although if you are uncertain about this model or another they will work with you. What I like is they are probably just as impatient with tire kickers as those of us who hate the way some dealers work. The only downside to these guys is the limited lines they carry.

And for the sales dudes why is this good?

They are going to work twice as hard to whore out vipers, where as a guy selling them for more elsewhere can sell less, less work, and make more or worse case the same.

Also unless these buyers are doing the tax game, they are paying sales tax and dumping money into a different community, if you got new viper money might as well do biz with the people in your community.
Car dealerships seem to be the biggest offenders of this.. I mean, the whole look hasn't changed since the 80s, with the cheap-looking suit and a super greasy slicked back hair.. at least this is still true at your typical Ford and Chevy dealerships

Tableau has some annoying sales tactics too. I am the account owner for the Tableau subscription my company has, and every year around April I start getting really sleazy emails. Which is surprising coming from a large and modern tech company like that. But I can never get a straight answer on next year's subscription without having a phone call with 3 different people.. ugh. I actually had a female sales rep for a while and she was awesome, I could do the whole thing over email and get it done within a day. But then some guy took over and now it's a two-week-long process of phone calls, up sell tactics, etc
Also am I the only one here who like to haggle in person?

I mean it’s quite fun, the negotiation goes faster numbers wise and the dealer feels a sense of urgency with you being there. I probably could have got the same deal on the car I got a few months ago via text or email or some other such, but where’s the fun in that, I’m a people person and I love to haggle.
I like to haggle. I do not like to be misled, lied to, and manipulated by pressure tactics like not letting me leave. I don’t like striking a deal only to find they moved the cost to another form just to get me to agree and waste two hours of my time before they reveal the deceit, assuming I will just pay it rather than waste my effort spent to that point.