1. Skepilot

    Tracking and LADD

    Let’s say my plane is signed up on LADD. Is there an easy way for my family to still track me? FlightAware wants $1400/year for a subscription plan to see my own LADD-subscribed airplane. There’s got to be a better option. (Let’s not have this thread turn into everyone arguing whether or not...
  2. jaymark6655

    XGPS170D and Android

    I just purchased the XGPS170D, cannot seem to get it to work. I was planning on using it with a Kindle Fire HD 10 running Flt Plan Go, but when I connect through blue tooth, GPS stays connected for about 1 to 10 seconds. Figured I would give my Samsung Galaxy S7 a try to work out what is going...
  3. A

    For Sale SkyBeacon ADS-B Out Transmitter by uAvionix

    Selling my ADS-B out Transmitter. It was never used. I had a prop strike on the plane and didnt get to use it. UNIQUE WINGTIP-MOUNTED DESIGN The skyBeacon replaces your wingtip navigation light with a simple, compact solution to become ADS-B out compliant. Remove your old light and install...
  4. P

    Replacement Sentry adapter

    Anyone know of an easy way to get a replacement adapter for a RAM suction mount for the Sentry? Foreflight support sent me to uAvionix support who promptly sent me to RAM support who promptly sent me back to Foreflight support. The unit was bought used and the part is simply missing. The...
  5. NordicDave

    Happy ADS-B Day! It's Begun

    5 years of hoopla and we have finally arrived. Glad my little GTX-345 was installed before the rush when rebates were available and shops were discounting equipment with labor capacity. A promonate shop in my area is so booked out with major panel upgrades they no longer accept single ADS-B...
  6. magicj

    Stratus 3 warning

    While the Stratus 3 claims to be compatible with multiple tablet applications other than Foreflight. An important issue Appareo does not make clear is; It can not communicate with other apps AND Foreflight at the same time. So if you are using FlyQ and your co-pilot, or even a passenger in the...
  7. German guy

    For Sale Dual XPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver

    I'm selling our only lightly used Dual XPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver, which is however already a few years old. It has the latest firmware installed. Also included: Apple iPad charger + USB cable Specs, owner's manual and list of compatible apps (we used it with iFly)...
  8. Alex Batista

    Is AHRS worth an additional $260?

    So I was researching portable Dual GPS’ with ADS-B and it seems like the ONLY difference between the Dual XGPS170D and the Dual XGPS190 is that the 190 has AHRS. The 170D can be found for $419 and the 190 for $679. My question is; is the AHRS capability worth the extra $260? I should mention...
  9. iflyvfr

    ADS-B Rebates all used up

    Just went to register, says they've all been used up. :mad: Wonder if there will be any out-equipment rebates at KOSH?
  10. PeterNSteinmetz

    Reported impressive reduction in accidents due to ADS-B In

    Initial report of 53% reduction in accidents overall and 89% reduction in fatal accidents with use of ADS-B In. If this holds up, that is an impressive reduction. Much more significant that a lot of training programs combined...
  11. A

    Another 2020 Mandate Request for Opinions

    My first post on POA. Finally decided to sign up. I'll apologize in advance if I'm beating a dead horse here but I'm looking for some info and ultimately opinions of other plane owners. I've recently purchased a C172M and am a student pilot. I have a (working) KT-76 transponder and am trying to...
  12. Martin Pauly

    ADS-B Q&A video

    Seeing many questions on ADS-B here on PofA and on other forums, I thought I'd collect some of the frequently asked questions and create a little video with answers. Hopefully it'll be helpful to some: Regards, Martin
  13. J

    Looking for a wx-500

    I'm doing a panel upgrade (low budget) to my Cessna 340. The wx-500 stormscope is inop. I have analyzed the error messages and it points to the processor (box). I contacted L3 and it is $650 to bench test it and then $1800 to repair it regardless of the problem. That seems a little steep to...
  14. D

    ADS-B hidden gems?

    Those of you who are waiting till the deadline to install ADS-B, do you have any insight on low-cost, feature rich gems emerging on the market?
  15. Twin_Flyer

    So what do think will happen???

    So now that the alphabet orgs are reporting the difficulties the airlines are having meeting the ADS-B mandate. What do you think will happen? :dunno:
  16. kbrown66

    For Sale FlighBox Dual ADS-B Receiver (w/ GPS)

    I've upgraded and have a lightly used Open Solutions FlightBox for sale. I bought it, assembled, and tested it. Only used it a few times and had no issues. Latest Firmware was just installed. New purchase is $225. I'll take $125 and pay shipping to U.S. address. Note: No AHRS in this unit...
  17. labbadabba

    Stratux Build - Parts List

    I got a PM asking for me to post my parts list for the Stratux box I built recently. I posted it in the comments of a different thread but thought it warranted its own post. The Stratux is crazy easy to assemble. If you can assemble an IKEA lamp and plug it in then you can do this. Here's a...
  18. labbadabba

    ADS-B in (Stratux) ADS-B out Garmin XPDR

    So, question. A ship will only get TIS-B traffic if they have ADS-B out capability. But what if the in and out devices are separate? So, let's say I'm flying a club plane with the Garmin 345 XPDR with ADS-B out but I'm using a Stratux to drive my EFB. Will I get TIS-B traffic or do the...
  19. CAM

    P180 Avanti I upgrade to Garmin GTN-750 Avionics with ADS-B

    Intercontinental Jet Service in Tulsa, OK. completed dual Garmin GTN-750 avionics upgrade to our P180 Avanti which included new features such as ADS-B (In&Out), WAAS, Remote transponders, fuel calculators, new radar, etc. for a fraction of the price Collins referenced to upgrade to ADS-B, WAAS...
  20. S

    ADS-B out. Transponder and installation for $2,435. Why I pulled the trigger now instead of waiting.

    I have ADS-B in via a Gamin GDL 39 and Area 796. All I needed was ADS-B out to be legal. Appareo makes an all in one box (the Stratus ESG ADS-B Out and WAAS GPS) for only $2,995. Size-wise this is a replacement for most King and Narco transponders. I had a Narco AT-165 that was about 10...