For Sale Dual XPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver

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    I'm selling our only lightly used Dual XPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver, which is however already a few years old.
    It has the latest firmware installed.

    Also included: Apple iPad charger + USB cable

    Specs, owner's manual and list of compatible apps (we used it with iFly):
    I don't have the original packaging anymore.


    Two things I did not like and that I thought I should mention:
    - The charging LED would only indicate "full" when it is connected to an iPad charger. With any other charger, it would continue to indicate "charging", even if the battery was fully charged. I will therefore include an original Apple iPad charger
    - It would only automatically re-connect to an Android device, after being turned on. With any of our Apple devices we had to manually hit "connect". I found this pretty annoying and would therefore rather recommend to use it in combination with an Android device.

    $180 including free shipping within the lower 48 and Paypal or $165 if picked up and paid cash in Novi, MI.