1. B

    Dynon EFIS D10A

    Hi There! I have an RV6A that I'm doing an avionics upgrade on. I have on the aircraft Dynon EFIS D10A, EMS D10, 2 axis Dynon autopilot. I'm trying to add Aspen PFD 1000 and IFD 440. is it possible to have the aspen EFIS talk to the Dynon EFIS so I could use the autopilot with the aspen and IFD 440?
  2. G

    uAvionix skyBeacon: A false sense of security?

    Had lunch with a high school friend of mine a month ago. He’s been flying for some 45 years. Suggested I get ADSB so we could, along with some other folks, fly to areas inside of Mode C around the East Coast, where we all live. So, I picked up a uAvionix skyBeacon. That being the least...
  3. C

    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    When an aircraft gets upgraded avionics like a GPS, autopilot, and electronic flight instruments in a mid 1970s aircraft for example; is an aircraft flight manual supplement required and must it be printed and carried along with the aircraft or can it be in digital format? Same with the required...
  4. D

    KLN94 AFM Supplement

    If you don’t ask, the answer will always be ‘no’, so here goes: my Cherokee 140 has a KLN94 installed, works great, but was installed for VFR only, due to not having the required annunciators and CDI. A fortuitous circumstance has allowed me to obtain an MD40-232L CDI/annunciator, and since...
  5. M

    No GPS Instrument Checkride in 2021?

    If you’re wondering if it’s still possible to train and get your instrument rating without a GPS equipped aircraft, this post is for you. I just passed my checkride this past week and I did it in an aircraft that has never had GPS installed. I imagine I’m not the only student pilot and/or owner...
  6. djmcfall

    For Sale RAM Suction cup mount for GPS296, 396, 496...

    All quality Ram, no knock off stuff. Sure mount Ram suction cup with 1" ball. 3' Ram extension fits 1' ball. Ram GPS mount with 1" ball, fits the following Garmin Map GPS models, 176,196,276,296,376,378,396,478,495, and 496. $38 + $8.75 shipping. djmcfall (at) yahoodotcom.
  7. D

    KLN94 to a KNI520?

    Having trouble coming up with a definite answer to this one. I'm hoping the collective experience here may have an accurate answer: My Cherokee 140 has a KLN94 GPS installed, but as VFR-only. It is not wired to an annunciator, nor a CDI. The required annunciator is available at a reasonable...
  8. P

    Sentry Mini or Bad Elf?

    I recently just completed my Flight Review after not flying for 6 years. I'm so happy to be back in the skies and loving all of the new technology out there. Especially Foreflight. My set up right now consists of: Iphone Xs on a RAM suction cup mount on the left side of the dash (C172). I...
  9. PeterNSteinmetz

    America's GPS Problem

    Perhaps we should have kept more of the old technologies around?
  10. Parker Cantrell

    Obtaining IR in a plane without IFR rated GPS

    Hello all! What are your thoughts on working towards my IR in an airplane without an IFR rated GPS? Currently, I run a Bendix/king skyforce III(not IFR approved) in my '68 Cardinal. In addition, what would be the best affordable IFR capable GPS systems on the market? Garmin 430 waas,garmin 155...
  11. Skyrys62

    Aera 560 needed?

    I have a Garmin 430waas GPS, panel mounted Aera 560, and also have stratux/iPad. The 560 is kind of nice, and is coupled to the 430w, but I really never use the 560 and really want the panel space. I don't know a lot about the 560 and wonder with the 430w and the iPad, is there really a good...
  12. G

    Written Test Question on To/From Indication and Waypoints

    On a practice test for my IFR written, there was a question about how to identify a missed approach point on an RNAV (GPS) approach. The MAP on the chart provided was a fly-over GPS way point at the approach end of the runway (no VOR in the procedure at all). One of the answer options was "When...
  13. G

    GPS Restrictions on Alternate Airports

    Deciphering the AIM's convolutions... Can someone verify that I have this right, or help me correct it. The write their stuff as sort of a long-form analog to a series of double negatives. I work with a lot of attorneys that do the same thing, so I should be more tolerant, but... Here's my...
  14. G

    Question on GPS and LNAV/VNAV Approaches

    During a practice IFR test, I got the following question: While flying a GPS approach, you see the GPS display an LNAV/VNAV annunciation. What action should you take? The correct answer, apparently, is that the LNAV/VNAV annunciation indicates that both lateral and vertical guidance have failed...
  15. djmcfall

    Sold Bendix King KLN 89B

    Removed from my 182P for new Garmin 375 upgrade. The display on this IFR GPS is perfect and has no flaws. Included in the package is the tray, back plate, connectors, original pilots manual, quick reference guide, IFR approach step by step check list, navigation data card (out of date) and...
  16. Pilot Steve

    Intermittent GPS Outage on a Wonderful 430W

    I'd never had a GPS outage on my 430W until the planned GPS jamming testing this year. But now I'm having them more often in flight. My avionics shop said they would replace the antenna first and check the connections but I'd love to hear from anyone else that has had a similar issue. On my...
  17. djmcfall

    For Sale Bendix King KLN-94 Color GPS

    I just removed it from my 182 for a GNX-375 install. KLN94 looks great and the color display is flawless. Also included is a Mid-Continent MD41-1524 Annunciation Control Unit for IFR certified install, Tray (will all connectors and coat connector and pigtail), Pilot Friendly manual by ZD...
  18. M

    Cleaning GTN screens

    I wondered what others use to clean their GTN screens. Garmin is specific not to use cleaners with ammonia that will damage the anti-reflective coating. They also say not to use any "chemical" cleaners and to limit only to microfiber cloths with soap and water. But in the sanitizing section...
  19. jaymark6655

    XGPS170D and Android

    I just purchased the XGPS170D, cannot seem to get it to work. I was planning on using it with a Kindle Fire HD 10 running Flt Plan Go, but when I connect through blue tooth, GPS stays connected for about 1 to 10 seconds. Figured I would give my Samsung Galaxy S7 a try to work out what is going...
  20. P


    Very nice face, no dead pixels, removed from working environment for upgrade. Includes datacard with 2018 Navdata, working unit, mounting rack, connectors, and GA56 GPS Antenna. $1250 (sold by avionics technician, installation assistance available)