1. S

    ADS-B Out $2,435 Installed. How can that be ?

    ADDS B Out purchased and installed for $2,435 - Here is my ADS-B Story. I have ADS-B in via a Gamin GDL 39 and Area 796. All I needed was ADS-B out to be legal. Appareo makes an all in one box (the Stratus ESG ADS-B Out and WAAS GPS) for only $2,995. Size-wise this is a replacement for...
  2. ssokol

    FlightBox Dual Band ADS-B - $240 Kit / $300 Assembled

    Open Flight Solutions is now offering the FlightBox dual-band ADS-B receiver fully assembled, tested, and ready-to-run with a one year warranty. We've sold over 1200 of these as kits and our customers LOVE them. FlightBox gives you the same weather and traffic information as the competition...
  3. Velocity Avionics

    Velocity Avionics - Modesto, CA (KMOD)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Tripp and I own Velocity Avionics in Modesto California. I've been consumed in the aviation world since I joined the NAVY in 1995, yet I'm just now preparing to get my pilot lic. I'm looking to purchase my first plane soon to use...
  4. L

    FS: Dual Electronics XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B $325 (FL)

    Excellent condition. Used for a little over a year in a Lear. Works with WingX, not Foreflight. Read about it here: Very handy to have. $325 shipped. Thanks!
  5. ssokol

    Missing ADS-B Traffic Data?

    I've had a number of FlightBox / Stratux users contact me regarding missing traffic data - aircraft that are observed visually or on systems like TIS or TCAS but which never appear on ADS-B. I spent a good chunk of this past weekend researching and testing and it turns out that they're right...
  6. D

    Nexnav Mini ADS-B Solution

    Hello. I'm considering getting a Nexnav Mini to pair with my KT-74 in order to become 2020 compliant. Has anyone here purchased one? How much do they cost? Do they come with a WAAS antenna? Is there a more reliable solution available? Thanks for the help.
  7. L

    Affordable ADS-B In Reciever: The PiFly

    I am selling ADS-B receivers built on open source software that offer many comparable features to a Stratus device, but at a much lower price. My device is called the PiFly and starts at $175 for the base model. There are both Single and Dual band models that are available with or without GPS...
  8. C

    Garmin GDL 84 annunciator

    Has anyone installed a Garmin GDL 84 ADS-B unit? If so what annunciator did you use? Thanks.
  9. ssokol

    FlightBox - $200 ADS-B Receiver - Update

    A quick update on FlightBox ADS-B. The Kickstarter campaign ended two weeks ago with 344 backers and $77k in funding. We've ordered and received some of the parts already. We should receive the money from Kickstarter this week, which will allow us to order the rest. We're expecting to be able to...