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    I'm doing a panel upgrade (low budget) to my Cessna 340. The wx-500 stormscope is inop. I have analyzed the error messages and it points to the processor (box). I contacted L3 and it is $650 to bench test it and then $1800 to repair it regardless of the problem. That seems a little steep to me. I have seen complete systems for sale on ebay for $1000-$2500 and I was hoping to find a processor in that neighborhood price range. My hope is that now that the lightening strikes are available on foreflight and possibly xm in the future, the stormscope will be less necessary, and the demand will drive the price down. If I don't find one reasonably priced I will remove the bracket and antennae and wires, but it would be nice to have since it is set up to display it. Thanks for any leads or comments about stormscopes. I'm posting this on the Mooney and 340 sites as well.
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    Allen Fox is your friend...... look him up.