1. ArrowFlyer86

    [NA] Who's enjoying this "arctic blast"?

    I know I'm just absolutely loving it. - Btw vacation and this crap wx I haven't been able to fly the plane since 12/26 - At ORD this morning and after 4 delays totaling a prospective 7h wait, I'm urged to rebook since the flight may get cancelled on account of arctic blast wx. Soonest I can get...
  2. M

    Better weather resources for medium-long range planning?

    Hello, I'm a fairly new PPL and was looking for better weather resources than the usual ones. Before a flight I get my outlook and standard briefings from 1800wxbrief and/or ForeFlight like a good pilot, and they're great for short-range, especially ForeFlight, but they aren't as great for...
  3. ArrowFlyer86

    ForeFlight / Weather Symbology

    I never fly near weather that looks like this so I've never felt a need to dig into the symbols. But I've also grown tired of my ignorance in not knowing what they mean... With that prelude out of the way, can anyone elaborate on what these highlighted icons mean and the numbers? Numbers: e.g...
  4. R

    Flying around Remnants of a Hurrican

    Hi All - In the Keys this weekend on vacation. Been watching TS Nicole which looks poised to hit FL on Thursday. My return flight to the Northeast is planned for Saturday. Obviously everything is very much in flux, but any general advice for flight planning around what seems like it will...
  5. Aye Effaar

    Can anyone explain the legend on the LLWS GFA Chart?

    I like the weather details and it's my first stop when looking for pre-flight. The one chart I can't understand is the LLWS chart as part of the GFA tool. I get it that the further to the right in the color scale is "bad", but can anyone explain what these numbers mean?
  6. scottd

    For Sale Deleted

  7. R

    Weather Training - Online Course

    I'm a 53 year old instrument pilot working on commercial and am very respectful of weather and its hazards. Does anyone have experience using an online weather/meteorology course to learn about weather from top to bottom. I want something beyond the content in the FAA publications. I'm...
  8. ArrowFlyer86

    Impatience leads to bad go/no-go decisions

    I've been trying to leave Pittsburgh for 3 days to get back home to Chicago (I've been on a solo vacation), but as a non-instrument pilot I've had to continually push it back due to low ceilings and other issues on the en-route path. It's been more than a little frustrating as I constantly watch...
  9. Ray Jr

    Anyone here flying into known icing?

    Hi All, I fly in the east coast of Canada and you can count on the forecast containing icing 7 months a year. I'm wondering how 'good' the various de-ice equipment actually is in practice on the various types of aircraft. For those of you who actually have de-ice equipment on your planes...
  10. Brooks

    How Accurate are 14 Day Forecasts?

    I have a XC trip that I am planning to fly in two weeks. I looked today at a 14 Day Forecasts, and different websites are saying different things. For example, one website says it's supposed to be clear and sunny on the day, and the other one says it's going to be rainy and cloudy. So, how...
  11. T

    Winds Aloft Today
  12. A

    Understanding wind/gust effect with altitude

    Low time PPL, there is once aspect of wind effect i am still not able to fully understand. This question can also serve as a refresher to other private pilots. The scenario is as follows: I am taking off in a relatively windy/gust day say 13knots/G20 knots, after rolling out and during the climb...
  13. alexcr

    Questions about projecting de-icing/anti-icing costs (PC-12s, King Air 350s)

    I have a few questions related to projecting de-icing/anti-icing costs for Pilatus PC-12s and King Air 350s. I apologize if some of these are a bit basic... 1) I know de-icing/anti-icing is most commonly done shortly before takeoff, but is there ever a need for it at other times while the...
  14. alexcr

    Best website to get a sense of an airport's average monthly weather?

    I'm curious what website or service folks use when they want to get a sense of an airport's typical temperature and precipitation at a certain time of the year. For example, what are the average daily high/low temperatures and monthly precipitation for, say, an average February for an airport...
  15. Trever Oakes

    Commercial Written Question

    The question in question basically states that mountain wave turbulence is most dangerous to an aircraft downwind of the mountain flying into the wind.. I understand the downwind part, that's where the turbulence is. I don't understand how the headwind is any more dangerous than a tailwind though.
  16. Trever Oakes

    Wind Shear in Temperature Inversions

    I'm having trouble understanding why wind shear occurs in areas of temperature inversion. I've been out on calm nights where I could see a layer of fog/smog which indicated a possible inversion.It is very calm aloft but when coming in for landing, it gets pretty bumpy sometimes. Can someone...
  17. NordicDave

    TAF or METAR by Text Message

    Came across a pretty cool capability to receive TAF's & METAR's by text message on a cell phone. Just text the METAR and the airports ICAO code and a couple of seconds later the data is returned. Phone Number and Directions for use...
  18. clamshack

    PPL and Western NC Weather

    The best time of day for me is after work which is 17:00-19:00. We always seem to have bad weather. I have flown about 2 out of my last 10 scheduled classes. It's been very frustrating. We're at 2200 MSL, so I guess I should have figured out the weather patterns beforehand :-). At 2.5 hrs...
  19. V

    Unisys Skew-T Gone For Good?

    I used to use Unisys' site for Skew-T plots, but they seem to have scrubbed all references from their web site. I searched for some comment on the fact but couldn't find one, either on their site or via Google. Does anyone know... Did they just decide it wasn't worth publishing/competing with...
  20. J

    I miss the 4 Panel Surface Prognostic Charts of DUATS

    DUATS used to have, before it was decommissioned, a really nice weather product--the four panel surface prognostic chart. I really liked it for long range (2-3 days in advance) flight planning. Now that DUATS is no more, does anyone know of a site where you can see all 4 panels on one page ...