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Jul 25, 2019
Woodway, TX
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I'm a 53 year old instrument pilot working on commercial and am very respectful of weather and its hazards. Does anyone have experience using an online weather/meteorology course to learn about weather from top to bottom. I want something beyond the content in the FAA publications. I'm reading "Pilot Weather - From Solo to the Airlines". This is a 380 page book and is very detailed/thorough, however I'm a visual learner. I found Harvard University's free class - "Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather" which I'm going to test out. I also don't mind paying for a course. So - anyone out there have experience with something like this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I’ve tried this course, it’s good. Delia goes through all the tools to use for a briefing and also about the weather, what to check and assure you understand the pros/cons of flt plan during weather situations.
I wouldn't pay $.01 for weather related training. should be plenty of free stuff available to learn how to incorrectly predict the weather. also, to me, flyrite is the jason schappert of weather training....they are always trying to sell you the next product. I took a couple of delia's online webinars and wouldn't take another one.
I always thought reading was visual learning, but I’ve been known to be wrong. Lots of videos on YouTube by Scott Dennstaedt. Avwxworkshops.

Good stuff
Thanks for buying the book! Happy it's working out. I am writing my next book that will be a Skew-T primer that you may also enjoy. Should be available before AirVenture.
Yes to a good Skew T primer!!

You and your older content introduced me to this tool and it has been helpful ever since. Especially the basic stuff.

But I recognize there is more to know and learn about it.