1. Alex Batista

    Piper Arrow II vs Piper Arrow III

    Seems like the only difference between the Arrow II and III is the 72 gallons of usable fuel the III offers (vs 48 on the II) and the Lyc. IO-360-C1C6 on the III (vs the Lyc. IO-360-C1C on the II). Are the engines “that different”? Any other differences I’m not considering? Please keep responses...
  2. E

    Piper Arrow purchase advice

    Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking for a while, making my first post. I’m considering purchasing a Piper Arrow and would love to hear from some current owners about their experiences. I already have lots of hours in the plane when I was a member of a flying club so I know I like the plane. Just...
  3. E

    Wanted: Partnership Partnership in SC

    Looking for partners for aircraft purchase in the Columbia SC area (KCAE, KCUB, KFDW, KAIK and surrounding area). I currently have over 185 hours (50+ in arrow/Saratoga) and about to take IR checkride. Going all the way to CFI & CFII after commercial. Looking for partners (3 max) interested in...
  4. F

    Want To Buy Training Partnership?

    I have been researching the idea of buying an aircraft for training purposes. I would like to buy with a partner to relieve some of the maintenance cost. Partner does not have to be in training. Thinking of getting a cheap C150 for a maximum of 25k-30k.If I can find a decent C172 or Piper, IFR...
  5. L

    Ercoupe flight characteristics

    How does the ercoupe fly compared to a piper Cherokee 140? The 140 feels kind of loose and was wondering if the ercoupe flew better. Thank you
  6. Alex Batista

    Piper Arrow II vs III (+ Turbo or Not...?)

    Hello all! (Here’s my first post, yay!) I’m a relatively new pilot with a bit over 150 hrs and currently starting my instrument rating. My budget will allow me to purchase an airplane by the end of 2020 so I’m starting to look around. Before you recommend other options like Comanche’s...
  7. EppyGA

    For Sale 1/4 Share of 1976 Piper Warrior

    This airplane is hangared at KLZU Lawrenceville, GA * Upgraded to 160HP 1450 and counting SMOH - As of 11/30/2018 * Airframe 5204 hours - As of 11/30/2018 * Garmin 430W GPS * Garmin GI 106A CDI * Bendix-King KX-155 * King KT78A transponder * PS Engineering PMA7000B audio panel * Current IFR...
  8. ujocka

    Purchase Cessna 150 or Cherokee 140?

    I am looking to purchase my first plane. I currently have CPL/SEL/MEL/IR. My mission is purely the enjoyment of flight, and to build hours in the process in the most economical way. Criteria: -No more than $25k for purchase. -VFR only preferred (simplicity and less to maintain) -Tricycle gear...
  9. jkoper

    Video of a flight in my Vagabond

    Here is a video of a short cross country flight in my 1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond from Athens TN KMMI to Crossville TN KCSV and back.
  10. M

    For Sale 1968 Piper Aztec Pa23-250

    Airframe TTSN: 4615.95 Serial: 27-3878 Engine Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 TTSN: L - 4615.95 R - 4601.18 Serial: L - 5684-48 R - 5687-48 TBO: 2000 hrs SMOH: L - 893.85 R -...
  11. C

    Wiring diagram PA 28 140 1965

    On a 1965 PA 28 140 does anybody know how to hook up the resister that comes off one of the posts of the solenoid, does anybody have a picture of it and instructions.? Mine came off on one side and I want to make sure I hook it up to the proper connector in the proper way .Also a picture would...
  12. A

    Should I purchase A Mooney M20A w/ Wood Wings??

    So I have been going back and fourth on a Mooney M20A 1960 for the last week. My only concern is the wings are wood. Ive read both good and bad about wood wings but for some reason I would still feel more comfortable with metal wings. I actually today just came across a guy who is parting out...
  13. Tx_Flyboy

    New/updates on Diesel engines at OSH

    Anyone wandered over to Continental, EPS, or other manufacturers trying to get diesel/Tet-A engines Certified? If so any news?
  14. easik

    Piper Tomahawk 125HP upgrade. Any difference in performance?

    Just curious, those of you who own or have flown the 125 HP engine Tomahawk. Did you see any increase in performance? more specifically the climb rate. I don't except any changes in cruise speed but for the climb out on hot/humid days, did the extra horse power make a difference? thanks.
  15. T

    Is it worth it?/Which aircraft

    My business is considering purchasing an aircraft. The typical mission would be as follows: Distance: ~270 kts Frequency: 3 trips/month (to the destination and back) # Passengers: 2-4 Needs: FIKI, cruise above 15K I would fly the aircraft so no need for a pilot. We would fly primarily to...
  16. Koby Sronce

    PA-28-180D panel overlay upgrade

    I am thinking about re-doing the panel overlay on my 180D Cherokee. My Dad and his brother have a CO2 laser that can cut and laser etch the panel as well as a power coating oven that I will use powder coat the finished product. I am thinking of moving the tach and the hobbs meter to be more...
  17. P

    First Airplane Purchase: Piper Arrow

    Hello! I am currently a student pilot with my solo endorsement and am having trouble completing my private pilot training due to the fact that my schools airplanes are booked up 4-5 weeks in advance. I need to buy an airplane. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I appreciate all...
  18. Colorado182

    Change in cruise speed?

    Anyone experiment with the change in cruise speed between a forward and aft CG? What were the differences in your aircraft?
  19. Chrisj13

    For Sale Laser Engraved Piper Warrior Wood Plaque

    Laser engraved on a beautiful 8"x10" piece of finished maple, this plaque is sure to please the Warrior pilot in your life! Makes a great fathers day gift, solo flight commemoration, passing of a checkride, or simply "just because" it looks so darn good! Cost is $49.99 each, with an additional...
  20. International Air Rally

    Canada Air Rally - August 2017

    Hello to all aviation enthusiasts! CANADA AUTHENTIC AIR RALLY: The International Air Rally will be celebrating Canada 150th anniversary by visiting a number of communities across the country in search of authentic experiences meeting Canadians along the way, sharing great moments while enjoying...