1. Jayson

    For Sale: Aircraft 1/4 Share For Sale - 1981 Piper Seneca III PA-34-220T (6 seats)

    1/4 Share For Sale! 1981 Piper Seneca III PA-34-220T (6 seats) Asking $64,000 (obo) for a full share (4 members total) $520/month fixed rate (paid quarterly) and $215/hour wet. (Sale price includes 1/4 of current engine & maintenance reserves) Equipment: · New Paint & Interior 2014 ·...
  2. Davisando


    Hello guys. I have a 1979 Piper Archer II and my beacon light went off. I got the A469B (P/N 01-0770044-02) to replace it. Went back to the shop and turns out it didn't work. Mechanic said "box went off". you should get the LED. I've being looking online about the PA-28-181 Archer II beacon...
  3. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1978 Piper Super Cub PA18-150

    Amazing Cub with all the accessories. Wheels, Skis, Straight Floats, Belly Pod. Inquire Here: https://www.aeroavion.com/listing/1978-piper-supercub-pa18-150/ Price: $112,900 Engine: 888.8 hrs TSMOH Lycoming O-320-A2B (150 HP, 2000hr TBO) Overhauled by Progressive, May 1993 Most recent...
  4. A

    Want To Buy Blank Slate PA-24 Comanche Project

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a PA-24 Comanche. All options considered. Ideally one that has been sat for a while, has dated avionics, bad paint, something I can restore and make my own! Considered anywhere! Must be a Comanche though!
  5. H

    Wanted: Partnership Piston Twin Partnership NE Georgia GVL KGVL

    Looking to form a 1/3 partnership in a Piper Navajo Chieftain at KGVL/GVL Gainesville GA
  6. Michael Colley

    For Sale 1980 Piper Navajo PA-31-350

    https://www.aeroavion.com/listing/1980-piper-navajo-pa-31-350/ Price: $239,000 Year Built:1980 Registration:C-GOBJ Airframe Total Time:10,858.8 Customer records, airtime log and engineer records available on request. Avionics: Garmin 530W King KX155 Navcom King KT76...
  7. DocSoCal

    Airplane Recommendations -New Pilot GA

    I’m new to aviation and let me start off by saying its amazing to finally be able to pursue the aviation lifestyle Mission: Fly SAFELY with my family (wife & 3 kids 8,10,12) from SoCal to St. George, UT, Cedar City, UT, Lake Havasu and Santa Barbara etc year around including winter. Were...
  8. R

    Piper Lance II gear does not retract properly

    Dear all, i am flying a PA32RT300 Lance II and I am constantly facing an issue with the retractable gear. When after departing I put the gear selector „up“, „sometimes“ the gear either retracts as it should (ca. 10 sec). But in more cases it acts „weird“... In some cases, NOTHING happens when...
  9. J

    Wanted: Aircraft WTB: Piper Saratoga or Lance or Cherokee Six 300

    Hello, Very interested in a Piper 6 seater. Please PM me! Thank you
  10. ItsACardinalRG

    78 Piper Turbo Arrow Gear Not Properly Retracting

    I have a 78 Turbo Arrow. A couple months ago, the gear started acting up. Sometimes I would flip the gear switch and the gear would not even attempt to raise. Sometimes I would flip the switch and it would raise part of the way and then stop in mid-retraction with the warning light on. The shop...
  11. P

    Piper Archer III nosewheel centering

    My new flight instructor told me that the nosewheel on the Piper Archer III we are flying does not turn in flight along with the rudder. I was skeptical of that and after searching around I have found many posts on the web indicating that the fixed gear Pipers do not have nosewheel centering...
  12. B

    Wanted: Club Membership Bay Area Club/Partnership KPAO KSQL KSJC KRHV KHAF

    I am a private pilot who is moving to the Bay Area in July 2020. Nearly all of my training has been at KHHR in Los Angeles in Cirrus SR20's (G6). I'd love to stay with Cirrus aircraft but also considering options in other planes. My IFR training was cut short due to the Coronavirus but I plan on...
  13. Z

    Wanted: Partnership Looking for a club / partnership for an affordable plane in Indianapolis

    ATP / CFII looking to buy a share of a Cessna 150 / 152 / 172, Piper Archer, etc. for leisure. Live close to KHFY (Greenwood Indiana), but willing to drive!
  14. P

    Pre-Buy Inspection Referral Needed Louisville KY Area

    Hi All Looking for an IA / pre-purchase inspector recommendation in Louisville KY area with good Piper experience (PA-28). Any referrals are appreciated!
  15. PaulR035

    Piper Autocontrol III INOP

    The Autocontrol III on my 68 Arrow is INOP- seems the buttons won't depress and are locked in position. Bought it this way, but curious if anyone knows anything about this sort of thing. Anyone heard of anything like this or know what it takes to fix it? Thanks!
  16. J

    Looking for flight time in Vegas (KVGT, KHND)

    hi, I am looking for someone in the Vegas area who has a Mooney or a 6 seat single to fly with. I am interested in purchasing one day and want to get some experience in a large Piper or Cessna and also interested in a Bonanza. Willing to pay the pro rata share! Thanks
  17. MuseChaser

    Piper Owner's Groups?

    Any thoughts and/or experiences about the benefits of joining any of the Piper owner's groups for a very budget-conscious PA28-140 owner? Piper Owner Society (although I confess their acronym gives me even less confidence than this forum's acronym) vs. Piper Flyer vs. ...? I'm an AOPA member...
  18. Naithan Scott

    Mooney M20, Piper Arrow, Beech Banonza or Sierra....complex decisions

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to the day full of festivities with friends, family and guests this Independence day. As I get closer to my private pilot check ride, I have begun to look into complex aircraft training *For personal experience before advanced endorsements*. To...
  19. J

    Six Seat Single?

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to this community. Not sure if I am posting in the correct place but I wanted to gather opinions on a single for a family of 4. I would like to get back in to general aviation flying as I currently fly an Airbus but it’s not “flying!” Anyway I love the...
  20. Jayson

    For Sale: Aircraft 1980 Piper Saratoga PA-32-301T (6 seats)

    1/6 Share For Sale! 1980 Piper Saratoga PA-32-301T (6 seats, 300hp) Asking $35,000 for a full share (6 members total) $197/month fixed quarterly rate and $180/hour wet (hangered at LOM). (Sale price includes 1/6 of current engine and maintenance reserves) Equipment: · ADS-B in/out ·...