1. WhichWays_Up

    Cherokee 180 to Arrow 180

    Hi! I'm Tim! Long time looker, first time poster. I'm on a few different forums looking for any information from Arrow owners. Currently own a 69' 180 Cherokee and she's been a great airframe. Trips are usually around 700km (380NM). I usually true at 110 knots, 120 if I point the nose down in...
  2. L

    Need some advice, Piper Wing Walk AD

    Hi I am 17 and bought an airplane with some money I saved up, and got a Piper Challenger 180 (PA-28). Bought it back in March after I had a prebuy done on it and said it was free of cracks and corrosion on the wing spar and other places. Couple that with it have a a 0 time engine I bought the...
  3. Hicham Hajji

    Refresh a PIPER CHEROKEE 140

    Hi Everyone. I was thinking to purchase a "project" of a plane, an old Piper around 30k and overhaul the engine, modernize the avionics, repaint it, change the interior etc. until she looks smart and sexy again :) Anyone know anyone in Los Angeles area that can help with that? Thanks
  4. T

    Archer II vs. Archer III fuel burn rates - why different?

    Taking a look at the Archer II vs Archer III POHs (I own a II), I noticed that the best economy fuel burn rates listed are quite different, and they're quite a bit higher for the Archer III. Here are the numbers: % power Archer II Archer III 55 6.3 8.2...
  5. Jake Simpson

    PA28R-200 oil plug

    Good evening everyone, Was doing the first oil change after 50hrs on my 1969 Arrow 200 (IO360 C1C). I unscrewed the gold cap of the drain plug and pushed up on the inner cylinder to let the oil drain. All was fine and the oil came out, however once I went to let the plug down it just won't come...
  6. H

    Let's build a panel

    I'm bored guys. Let's build a panel together. I was thinking either a PA-28 or a C-172 but open to suggestions. I will add the suggested instruments to the template. I prefer steam gauges, but we can add glass if you want. I was also thinking "Light" IFR but maybe we can do a VFR and an IFR...
  7. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  8. H

    Engine upgrade recommendations for a J-3

    Hi guys, the J-3 is one of my options as a first plane after my PPL is completed. I found one (1946) at TAP that currently has a Continental A-65-8F (65 HP, 1800hr TBO) + a McCauley 2 Blade. See pic below. I'm planning to squeeze that engine until the end, but what will be a good engine option...
  9. Jake Simpson

    IO360 C1C heater

    Hey all, i was doing some exhaust work on my PA28R-200 with the IO360 C1C 200hp. I found this before I removed the shroud and am not sure if it was like this already before I started working on it. This is on the left hand side of the engine right below cylinder 4 riser/muffler. Is this a hose...
  10. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    This was a fun project, thanks to YouTube and a couple POA users I was able to get it done. Thank you! Before Difficult to see attitude indicator and manifold pressure, used my handy red flashlight while flying at night. Dome light was sporadically working. After Able to read all of the...
  11. Jake Simpson

    Piper yoke cover/wrap

    Has anyone here wrapped their yoke or purchased covers somewhere like the photo I included? Would love to do this to my Arrow. I'm just curious as to what's the most efficient/cheapest way to do this? Is there a good place to order covers for them from?
  12. Jake Simpson

    GoPro mounts?

    Hey guys, What are the best and most secure mounts for a gopro for the exterior of an airplane? I plan on putting a gopro on the outside wingtip of my arrow as well as possibly on the bottom of the tail for some future videos. Anyone here have used any mounts on this aircraft type and have...
  13. Jake Simpson

    Piper Arrow III mx/insurance

    Hello all, Looking into purchasing an Arrow III or similar aircraft. My question is how much more is the complex aspect going to cost me in annual inspection/annual mx expenses? How much is a typical annual inspection going to cost me? I'm also curious about insurance. I'm a private pilot with...
  14. Ray Jr

    Piper Meridian Maintenance

    Any Meridian owners here? I'm wondering what you pay in maintenance? For Annual and unexpected in an average year? I'm finding it very hard to find data on this surprisingly. Too much Malibu info out there to pick out Meridian info it seems. Thanks
  15. JScarry

    For Sale Piper Cherokee 140

    $37,000 Located at KSBP, San Luis Obispo CA Serial # 28-24642 Engine O-320-E2A Engine installed 3798 Hours 2009-03-03 with Lycon 160 HP STC SE00252SE Hours on June 21, 2021 4922. Hours on Engine, 1124 Compressions #1: 78/80, #2: 78/80, #3: 78/80, #4: 78/80 Equipment Wing Spar AD 2020-24-05...
  16. WGregB

    Piper Warrior II

    Just thought I'd toss out a FYI post. I'm in process of buying a Piper and they completed the eddy current inspection on the wing spar. I wanted to be there to look at the test equipment and talk to the NDI rep. It passed with no issues. So out of 50 planes he has completed this test on they...
  17. Z

    Marco island! New video AVI8BZ

    Let me know what you guys think as I improve both my editing and filmography skills.
  18. Caleb Greene

    Dynon SkyView HDX Certified

    Hello fellow forumers, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I'm Caleb Greene and own an FAA Certified avionics facility at Cable Airport in Upland, CA. Recently, but not so recently, Dynon has come out to the certified market and are pushing production for STC in many single and...
  19. Davisando

    Cherokee Archer II PA28-181 RPM

    For all my piper fellows. A year ago I bought a 1979 Archer II, did pre buy inspection and everything seemed ok. One time on take off I took a look at the RPM gauge and noticed the it was marking at around 2300RPM, I got a little worried thinking it should read at least 2500RPM full open...
  20. Z

    Avionics upgrade help!

    Hey guys, I’m looking for someone that could help install an audio panel, Gns 430W, edm 700 on my bird. Located in South FL. It’s a piper warrior II, 430w would also need a compatible glidescope.