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Apr 28, 2019
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Let me know what you guys think as I improve both my editing and filmography skills.
This is going to come off as negative. I promise I am not a mean spirited individual.

1. Ditch the vertical video. Never do that again.
2. Save high speed (timelapse / hyperlapse) for an outward facing camera that doesn't have humans in it unless it is from a tripod (for example a hyperlapse of a stationary plane with humans preflighting, loading bags, etc)
3. Add a 2nd camera to the glare shield facing the occupants and use that for your cuts.

I like the music. Others will say they hate it. You do you w/ regard to music. I think epidemic sound has the best, highest quality sound available and the price can't be beat.

4. Add an in flight mic. Start the video with the ATIS over playing the video after the intro but before rotation. We want to hear you talk.

I skimmed your channel and I much prefer the angle from your video titled "First Flight Private Pilot!"
If you can swing 3 cameras, two from that angle ( one on the opposite side and the 3rd looking at occupants)
Then throw in a cheapie $40 knockoff you mount outside to a tie down for some outside shots.

Last and most important. Start with a story. Plan the story. Use the video to tell the story.
Interesting things may happen during the flight that change the story or create a new story.
But if you don't begin with a story, you are just creating B Roll.

In the current youtube ecosystem, just filming flights will result in low exposure (I don't know your goal but nobody works that hard on editing videos to not have it seen.)

Sorry if I sound like a dick. I am really not trying to be. I am just giving myself the advice I know people would give me on that same video if I asked for a critique.

Also don't stop. Know it is hard. Have fun and most importantly, make the video you would want to see.

Paging @mr_happyland to provide some real constructive advice.
@SixPapaCharlie I don't think you were being a dick. This time.
I think all of your advice is spot on. Especially the part about never doing the vertical camera thing again.

@ZackJ asked for advice and you gave him more than his money's worth. And I know it cost you a lot of time and experience to be able to give it to him. I am sure he will appreciate it in the manner with which you offered it.
#1, you are a low wing pilot. leave the vertical video to the high wing guys. seriously, no more of that nonsense.
#2, the music was fine. there will be a subset of people who have a big problem with it. fk 'em, BUT...
#3, your wife (I'm assuming that's your wife) is going to be the star of that channel. I'm calling it now.....get cockpit audio of that woman, she's gonna steal the show and get you subscribers. we can come back a few months from now to say "eman told me so".
#4, I like that it was short, but if you got a story to tell, tell it! I could see several potential stories to be told in this one short clip.
#5, in my mind, straight and level vids are effing boring. but if you're gonna do one, make it short, like this one. otherwise, there has to be SOME kind of focal point...."this is my new GPS/autopilot/wife/etc...", something to keep people interested if they aren't into plain old straight and level boringness.
#6, clearly #5 can't be true, if you've seen half of the popular aviation videos out there. it amazes me they get any views. but they do, so clearly wtf do I know.
Lol! Definitely some good advice! I appreciate it everyone! I like keeping it short - I’ve upgraded some equipment (gh5) so hopefully I can come up with some good B-roll footage, my cockpit audio always comes out like ****... I’ve seen a few others and might be the connector I’m using or the old audio panel. Definitely the flightcom I have is a piece of ****.. damn thing recorded static on the passenger side since I nudged it with my knee...
The vertical video is local news station favorite and I really hate that crap.
Yeah, I am a def. a music dick... can't stand high volume canned e-music in flying vids. There is no value for the swearing in posts and especially vids. Those are the negatives. The positive is that you took a risk of posting a flying vid, which I liked the flying part, and posted it to the world asking for criticism. Courageous soul... the swearer is beautiful by the way, so lucky pilot.
I think you're on the right track. Obviously Bryan's advice is spot on.

I hate to admit it, but eman has a point about using more video time of your copilot. It adds depth to your story and makes it more personal. It will help viewers know your story a little more and feel more personally connected. This isn't a story about a flight somewhere, it's a story about YOUR flight. Tell THAT story with your videos.

Disclaimer - I know nothing about vlogging, so there that...
As others have mentioned I would like to hear you describe the airport you're leaving and the airport you get to and would prefer to have that as either audio added in or maybe through through the Bose headset via Bluetooth.
Get her a horizontal selfie stick. Her hand held camera technique is better than most and you can't edit a selfie into a full screen and have the image look right anyway. I'm interested more in what she's interested while flying by than jumping between 4 different permanently mounted cameras once the video gets off the ground.