1. T

    Archer II vs. Archer III fuel burn rates - why different?

    Taking a look at the Archer II vs Archer III POHs (I own a II), I noticed that the best economy fuel burn rates listed are quite different, and they're quite a bit higher for the Archer III. Here are the numbers: % power Archer II Archer III 55 6.3 8.2...
  2. Jake Simpson

    PA28R-200 oil plug

    Good evening everyone, Was doing the first oil change after 50hrs on my 1969 Arrow 200 (IO360 C1C). I unscrewed the gold cap of the drain plug and pushed up on the inner cylinder to let the oil drain. All was fine and the oil came out, however once I went to let the plug down it just won't come...
  3. Jake Simpson

    Piper yoke cover/wrap

    Has anyone here wrapped their yoke or purchased covers somewhere like the photo I included? Would love to do this to my Arrow. I'm just curious as to what's the most efficient/cheapest way to do this? Is there a good place to order covers for them from?
  4. Jake Simpson

    GoPro mounts?

    Hey guys, What are the best and most secure mounts for a gopro for the exterior of an airplane? I plan on putting a gopro on the outside wingtip of my arrow as well as possibly on the bottom of the tail for some future videos. Anyone here have used any mounts on this aircraft type and have...
  5. Brent Perry

    Cherokee 140 belly strobe replacement bulb?

    Good evening, I noticed my "new to me" 1964 Cherokee 140's belly strobe does not work. I took off the lens and noticed the flash tube's wires were broken and it was just sitting in the lens itself. I am having a heck of time figuring out a good replacement for this flash tube. I have found a...
  6. ZeroThreeDelta

    Florida Flying with Noel Philips

    Hi Guys! It's been an age since I last posted in here. I've become a PPL since my last post! I figured I'd come back over and start things off with my latest video. If you're a fan of Noel Philips from the UK, check it out! We fly around Florida checking out some of the hotspots, including the...
  7. P

    PA28-161 with Bent right seat

    Hey, I’ve been trying to research for months now if there is a solution for having the right seat bent backwards in PA28’s. The plane is used by a flight school and as such, multiple renters and students have leeeeaned on the right seat back as they lowered themselves into the cockpit. This...
  8. J

    Oh I’m excited. My First Airplane!

    Hey fellow pilots. Well it finally happened purchased my first airplane, 1968 Pa-28 - 140 with avcon 180 conversion (180hp constant speed prop) Hershey bar wing short fuselage Paint is rough so are avionics but the engine is tight. Interior is dated but in good shape I will be storing it...
  9. Z

    Marco island! New video AVI8BZ

    Let me know what you guys think as I improve both my editing and filmography skills.
  10. Davisando

    Cherokee Archer II PA28-181 RPM

    For all my piper fellows. A year ago I bought a 1979 Archer II, did pre buy inspection and everything seemed ok. One time on take off I took a look at the RPM gauge and noticed the it was marking at around 2300RPM, I got a little worried thinking it should read at least 2500RPM full open...
  11. Z

    Help! Wing roots

    I’m changing the wing roots on a piper PA28-161. It’s a *****!! Any advise, tips or tricks except using soap and water.. and patience..!?!? I’m about to give up. im stuck on the curve on the edge of the wing. Can’t get the son of a ***** to slip in...
  12. Z

    Interior upgrade PA28 warrior

    my Latest project with my bird is upgrading the interior - got a local upholstery store to quote me a reasonable deal on leather upgrades. On ripping out the insides I was surprised to find that the wall panels did not have plastic backing - Infact they were this vinyl - cardboard material. Does...
  13. L

    Ercoupe flight characteristics

    How does the ercoupe fly compared to a piper Cherokee 140? The 140 feels kind of loose and was wondering if the ercoupe flew better. Thank you
  14. zn105

    For Sale Century IIb Autocontrol IIIb for sale

    PA28 Piper Cherokee Complete system if you don’t have one or Is your autopilot not behaving like it used too or supposed too. Replace it with these newer components! Harness wired to interface with the Garmin G5, AH 52d66 is freshly overhauled 11/18 8130, 1C338 Century IIB Autocontrol III...
  15. Fly in Florida

    Lakeland Linder Regional Airport

    Here's a new vlog - We fly from Orlando Executive to Lakeland Linder!
  16. Fly in Florida

    CJ Cannons at Vero Beach

    Here's another video! This time we fly to Vero Beach for lunch at CJ Cannons, then head over to Winter Haven for fuel.
  17. Fly in Florida

    Anyone been to Deland for food?

    We were pleasantly surprised. It looked a little upmarket on their site, but it's more of a bar/diner with a kitchen. Very dog friendly and parking right next to the restaurant. I'd recommend it if you like wings and/or burgers.
  18. Fly in Florida

    Sharky's on the Pier and Venice Municiple

    Hi folks! Here's the latest aviation video, this time from Orlando Exec > Brooksville > Venice for dinner. It's more of a comedy video rather than a traditional flying video ... but it's all a bit of fun. Enjoy!