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Apr 30, 2021
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Hey, I’ve been trying to research for months now if there is a solution for having the right seat bent backwards in PA28’s. The plane is used by a flight school and as such, multiple renters and students have leeeeaned on the right seat back as they lowered themselves into the cockpit. This isn’t the first PA28 I’ve seen that’s had this lean, but stuffing multiple pillows behind my back with students isn’t cutting it anymore.

Other than replacing the seat (slim to no pickings with that part number) is there anyway to fix this seat frame?? Or any suggestions at all really would be appreciated.
I would think that a shop with a hydraulic press could bend it back into alignment. This shop could likely do it but it may be expensive: A welding shop or an automobile body shop would have this type of equipment as well if your IA is willing to sign off on the repair. My Warrior had an issue with some large tears in the webbing for the back. One was about eight inches long and another was eleven inches. You may find that issue as well when you remove the seat back cover.