1. AndresPlazaR

    Offering help in KOWD.

    Hi! I'm an aviation enthusiast in the Boston, MA area, near Norwood Memorial Airport (KOWD). I say enthusiast because I tried to get my PPL a few times, but life got in the way and, to be honest, it looks less and less likely I will be able to do it. Anyways, I would still like to be involved...
  2. K

    Trans-friendly AMEs in America

    Hello. Does anyone here know any AMEs that are friendly/accepting of transgender individuals? Ideally in Arizona but if not in Arizona than anywhere else in America is fine.
  3. C

    Can I Pass My Medical While On Suboxone And AntiDepressants

    Im on suboxone and drug clean for about a year, im also an wellbutrin for depression. Ive heard of HIMS but i dont want to go in thinking i'll pass and than fail it because i assume that would not allow me to continue until ive been off suboxone for a certain number of months or something of...
  4. S

    Best path to getting an ATP certificate as well as a 4-year degree?

    So I'm currently still in high school. I'm just trying to figure out the best and preferably cheapest way to get a 4-year degree and getting my ATP certificate. Is it going to ATP Flight School? Or a college with a program such as UVU. I live in California, so whats the cheapest/best way to get...
  5. jarod

    pilot time building, rental vs owning/ good career?

    Hello all, hope all is well for everyone. I am almost down with my training fly my PPL just need to take my written and then checkride prep, I also have my flight medical test coming up but it should be well and uneventful hopefully and allow me my 1st class medical. I’m seriously looking...
  6. jarod

    Any advice/experience with a MFT for a vision waiver?

    Hello all, I hope all is well for everyone this month. I am writing again today for your advice/help for me and getting my certificate. I am at about 33 hours now just completing the cross country portion of my training and then it’s just honing down my maneuvers and landings until I take my...
  7. C

    Should I get a Beechcraft Musketeer?

    Hello all, I have been looking into a bunch of different planes to buy a for time building use and recently have come across a Musketeer that is in my price range. The problem that I have run into when looking into these small planes is I'm 6'6 and I'm never sure if I will fit or not. I have...
  8. R

    Aviation Community in Mexico?

    (cross posted on Baja Bush Pilots) Hi PoA - I work remote and love being south of the border. After acquiring my PPL (~50 hours deep), I'd like to continue flying/learning/staying proficient in Mexico and becoming fluent in Spanish. I'm wondering what you folks would suggest as far as good...
  9. P

    PA28-161 with Bent right seat

    Hey, I’ve been trying to research for months now if there is a solution for having the right seat bent backwards in PA28’s. The plane is used by a flight school and as such, multiple renters and students have leeeeaned on the right seat back as they lowered themselves into the cockpit. This...
  10. S

    Getting started at 14?

    Hello! I'm 14 years old, and I've always been interested in aviation. I haven't exactly been able to pursue these interests for a multitude of reasons, though. I've done a little research, and maybe the first step would be to go for an intro flight to get a feel for being at the controls. It...
  11. Cphili

    Pitts S1C Project

    I recently acquired a pitts s1c that needs more work than I could possibly manage, however I love these aircraft an since one is currently not flying and in pieces I took to it with the goal of someday getting it flying again. I know that this will not happen any time soon unless I have a lot of...
  12. Z


    Hi, I've recently been accepted to Virginia Tech for majoring in physics. However, I'm not sure if this is a good major? I know physics is a very difficult major and I'm not sure it's the greatest degree to become a commercial pilot. I originally wanted to major in Aviation but it was too...
  13. T

    New private Pilot in Maryland

    Hello everyone, I’m a new private Pilot who is looking to gain hours as much as possible to work toward my next ratings. I’m interested in flying with any local pilots in exchange for fuel costs and lunch of course. I fly out of KGAI but I’m also close to Frederick. Aside from looking for...
  14. B

    Where Do I Begin?! Special issuance

    Hello all, I have never gotten an AME examination before and am in need of one in the next year. I had a procedure 3 years ago that will require me to get a special issuance and some cardiac tests done. I have reached out to several AME’s and doctor Bruce and have all confirmed this. I am...
  15. A

    ScholarShips for High School Pilot

    1. Is there in scholarships that I can apply for to pay for flight training or college itself? 2. Is there a better route for my education/flight training?
  16. Lawson Laslo

    Radio circuit breaker

    Ive got a bendix king ky97a radio, it’s wired to a 10 amp circuit breaker and was wondering if that was a too big breaker and needed something lower amp, couldn’t find anything in manual What amp breaker do you guys use? Thanks
  17. K

    17 year old Pilot in need of electrical advice on 172 Please read

    Hello All, My name is Kylan Bunch. I am a 17 year old pilot and a senior at Hayesville High School. I am in need of some advice pertaining my 1957 Cessna 172. First, a little background of how I got where I am today. When i was 14 years old my HS started an aviation class. I joined...
  18. Lawson Laslo

    Looking for first plane part 2

    looking for plane under 30k -has control stick instead of yoke -polished, military, or cool paint job -fun plane to fly -has good safety record Thanks Planes I don’t want -luscombe, or zenith because they don’t have good safety record
  19. Lawson Laslo

    Looking for first plane

    hi, We’re looking for a fun plane to buy to finish up my training and have fun in after -Needs to be under 35K - preferably painted like a military airplane or polished or just a really cool paint job - has ramp appeal - preferably has control stick rather than yoke, or a cool yoke like the...
  20. G

    Want To Buy Looking for an airplane

    I am looking for a long term lease of most any four to six seat aircraft long term. I am in Baton rouge and plan on basing out of KBTR, but the plane can be from anywhere. I have tried contacting my local club and they have not returned my message. I don't know where quite to look but any...