1. A

    TSO, Airplane Flight Manual Supplement

    Hi to anyone who can clear this up for me. Does a TSO item require an Airplane Flight Manual Supplement, or is the documentation for it only in the MX manual? If I'm renting an airplane that has after market equipment installed in it, then how do I know whether I should be looking for a...
  2. IK04

    I gave up... Selling the itty bitty airplane.

    After more than two years of frustration with attempting to completing an annual inspection and several other repairs, the local airport weenies were about to claim my airplane as abandoned because it has sat in a tiedown in a non-flyable condition. In order to get the plane off the airport, I...
  3. A

    Oil Analysis- C150M - O-200

    Total time SMOH 970 (15 years ago) Total on 4 cylinders 360 (8 years ago). Good afternoon all, Recently bought a C150 to fly around for fun. I love it but since it was only flying 20 to 40 hours a year for the last 10 years I decided to do an early oil change (11.5 hours). I logged these in...
  4. H

    Engine upgrade recommendations for a J-3

    Hi guys, the J-3 is one of my options as a first plane after my PPL is completed. I found one (1946) at TAP that currently has a Continental A-65-8F (65 HP, 1800hr TBO) + a McCauley 2 Blade. See pic below. I'm planning to squeeze that engine until the end, but what will be a good engine option...
  5. B

    Annual in Mexico

    '69 Cessna 172K old school panel all needle gauge First annual as an owner. Runs strong in the ~80 hours I've put on it. I live in Mexico. I don't want to leave. I don't have a "guy" back in Utah. I just have the guy that did the previous annual that I've never met. Anyone ever done this...
  6. P

    PA28-161 with Bent right seat

    Hey, I’ve been trying to research for months now if there is a solution for having the right seat bent backwards in PA28’s. The plane is used by a flight school and as such, multiple renters and students have leeeeaned on the right seat back as they lowered themselves into the cockpit. This...
  7. Ray Jr

    Does Mike Busch have this one right?

    In one of his books he says the cost to operate/maintain a piston airplane is about 3x the cost of the fuel per hour. So if you're burning 10 gal/hour, at $5 gallons, it would cost about $150/hour to fly and maintain the aircraft over time. 100 hours in a year would cost $15,000 in fuel an...
  8. H

    Question: Pilots who are also A&Ps

    Hi, I'm brand new to the forums. Also, while I've been obsessed with aviation since I was a kid, I'm only just now starting my way towards a PPL. My question has to do with having both a PPL and an A&P. A little bit of background. I am a jet engine mechanic for the United States Air Force...
  9. Matt Gunderson

    Planning an Annual Inspection for a 55 year old Bonanza

    One of the things I find most enjoyable about owning my Beech Bonanza is the maintenance planning side of things. When I first bought my airplane, I created a catalog of nearly every part number installed on the airplane; poured through the logbooks capturing what had been replaced when, what...
  10. M

    what do I need to know about buying a new experimental airplane?

    background: I got my single engine land VFR pilot certificate about 20 years ago, but I haven't flown much for the past 15 years and not as pilot in command. I know I'll need to get a new 3rd class medical certificate and probably some kind of radio operator permit that I can't remember the...
  11. ILM_Patrick

    For Sale Help with Aviation needs WILMINGTON NC AREA

    I'm in training to become a pilot, and I want to get more time on the field, getting involved anyway I can. If you need an extra set of hands with your plane, cleaning (plane or hangar), basic maintenance, transporting, or even a flying buddy. I am your guy! Please contact me if I can help...
  12. easik

    A & P certification. Is it worth it?

    Just curious, does anyone hold an A&P certification? and will you recommend that a builder get one for maintenance purposes? there is the benefit of working with it as well. Please advise. Thanks.
  13. R

    Looking for a new maintenance shop

    looking for recommendations for an aviation maintenance shop in the Southeast to perform a SuperHawk engine upgrade and STC kit install on a C-172N. Preferably in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia or Virginia. Any suggestions?
  14. q5kacom

    Teach me about airplane spark plug wear

    First annual with new to me 182 with a carbureted o-520 and 7 out of 12 spark plugs were replaced due to wear beyond spec (pre-buy last october did not find or mention this as a potential issue and they were looked at during pre-buy). I have worked on many auto/small/farm engines and know how...
  15. HamishTHaggis

    Rockwell Commander 114 Seat Track Replacement

    Anyone ever done this? Seems the good engineers set it up so the wing may have to come off to facilitate removal and replacement of about 50 rivets. If there's a better way (and a good source of replacement tracks for that matter) I have some friends who would really love to know. Any help...