1. WGregB

    Piper Warrior II

    Just thought I'd toss out a FYI post. I'm in process of buying a Piper and they completed the eddy current inspection on the wing spar. I wanted to be there to look at the test equipment and talk to the NDI rep. It passed with no issues. So out of 50 planes he has completed this test on they...
  2. Z

    Marco island! New video AVI8BZ

    Let me know what you guys think as I improve both my editing and filmography skills.
  3. Z

    Avionics upgrade help!

    Hey guys, I’m looking for someone that could help install an audio panel, Gns 430W, edm 700 on my bird. Located in South FL. It’s a piper warrior II, 430w would also need a compatible glidescope.
  4. Z

    Interior upgrade PA28 warrior

    my Latest project with my bird is upgrading the interior - got a local upholstery store to quote me a reasonable deal on leather upgrades. On ripping out the insides I was surprised to find that the wall panels did not have plastic backing - Infact they were this vinyl - cardboard material. Does...
  5. MN_Flyer

    For Sale: Club Membership South Saint Paul, MN Club Share for sale- Cirrus, Arrow, Archer, Warrior

    Membership Share Available for the Twin Cities Premier Flying Club! Join Prescott Flying Club, one of the most well-established and financially-stable flying clubs in the Twin Cities. Our fleet is fully-IFR equipped with WAAS GPS units in all four planes! With three brand new engines and recent...
  6. V

    PA28 simulator

    Finally getting back to designing the PA28 simulator after moving from NY to Virginia and other life events. I found the geometry a little complex when it comes to the yokes. I do not have an actual cockpit to measure from so have to depend on input from others for dimensions. My goal is to keep...