1. R

    Pittsburgh IFR short XC

    My in laws live in Canonsburg PA (about 20 miles SW of Pittsburgh). I visit several times a year and would love an excuse to get away for a day to go flying. I would like to find a CFI/CFII and rental plane (preferably C182) nearby and do a short cross country and shoot some approaches along the...
  2. Aloha

    Resume Building Jobs

    I'm a PPL currently wrapping up my IR with the end goal of flying professionally. (Don't worry, this isn't an "are the airlines going to be hiring X years from now?!" post.) I'm hoping somebody will be able to give me some insight into a couple opportunities that I have. Both of these jobs are...
  3. T

    Cfi training

    Good Evening, I recently passed my commercial checkride and I’m looking to begin my Cfi training here within the next two weeks. What are some of the pointers or tips from your experience as a cfi you wish you would have known from the start of your cfi training to make you a better pilot?
  4. CaptGully

    Comanche Time CFI

    Hello everyone, currently in need of a CFI with 1000+ hour total time, 250+ hour retract gear, and 25 hours in a Comanche 250. Insurance is requiring 25hrs dual with such CFI before solo, I am located in Central Florida on KDED airfield. Anyone who qualifies and is near/knows of someone please...
  5. F

    CFI Question Student with Rotary Wing Time Transitioning to Fixed Wing Pvt

    Question: How much of a student pilots time in rotary wing transfer to fixed wing (PVT). A prospective student who contacted me, former Navy (non flying), has about 40 hours icivilian helicopter training years ago, some solo time. He wants to get his fixed wing rating after a long hiatus...
  6. JScarry

    Student, client, customer, pilot, applicant ...

    but not learner. I’ve been helping an older CFI renew her certificate using the AOPA CFI Renewal Course and I thought it was amusing how many different ways they refer to pilots receiving training. If you need to renew your CFI this course is much better than Sporty’s although the quizzes are...
  7. Penguinforce

    Need Help With Endorsement to take Commercial Written Knowledge Test

    Hi, I’m currently between CFIs (thanks airlines) and need an endorsement to take the commercial written test. My old CFI I was using had his cert expire and is not renewing it since he’s in the airlines. I’m using Sheppard air but due to a glitch on their end, I wasn’t able to sign up under my...
  8. Antoine137

    Accelerated CFI program in West Michigan

    A CFI ground school will be offered in Muskegon, Michigan this May (2023). It is an accelerated 10-day program, 9am-4pm. Contact me if you would like to be added to the information email list and have your availability factored into the final dates for the course. For additional details or...
  9. J.G.

    How not to **** off your CFI

    As a CFI what are the things your students can do to make you not want to work with them? My schedule changed and I've already ****ed off one, and might be on my way to inadvertently annoying another. All relating to work and schedule alignment. If you're a student please share, if you're a...
  10. flyingpreacher

    Spin Training in 172 for CFI endorsement

    I am hopefully pursuing CFI later this year and I am aware of the need for a spin endorsement. I am a part owner of a 172M that is not placarded "No Spins." In talking to my fellow club members last night, I came up with a few questions: 1. If I show up with spin training in a 172, will the DPE...
  11. T

    What would you do? Part 61 or 141

    Instrument Training: A. Would you fly Part 141-35 dual (21/14) hours for $10,000 at a towered airport? B. would you fly Part 61- 25 dual hours and 20 hours xc safety pilot $10,000 at a non-towered airport? I’m torn between experience at a towered airport or the higher amount of hours for...
  12. J

    Suggestions on commercial and CFI

    Hi everyone, new to this forum. Im looking for suggestions and opinions on finishing my commercial and CFI. Long back story on me. Im from St louis MO. Which is where I did my private in 2015 and instrument last year. Im now working on my commercial and CFI initial. I was a automotive mechanic...
  13. Antoine137


  14. David Anthony

    Far Aim memorization list

    I am currently working on my CFI and have been building lesson plans. Through my lesson plan building, I have seen how many different FAR's are referenced on the lesson plans I bought (backseat pilot). Obviously I should know where to find my references and I have my far aim tabbed well, but...
  15. flyerfocus

    Next Log Book Recommendations

    It’s served me well for decades but this Sunday, which coincidentally will be the anniversary of the issuance of my PPL, my SP-30 (aka “The Standard”) logbook will have it’s final entry when Doris and I take to the air. After that I’m out of space! Now it’s time for me to get a big boy logbook...
  16. TVProducer

    CFI Training - Sideloading

    Hey all, so I have begun my CFI training and I adapted quite quickly to flying and doing the maneuvers in the air without much issue but my landings have been abysmal. Today I was sideloading the right side and had too much right rudder then this afternoon the opposite and too much left. I...
  17. flyerfocus

    CFI or ATP-CTP?

    I’ve been out out the loop for a decade or two while raising two kids and I’m now trying to figure out the quickest path to right seat of a regional jet. I’m a commercial/multi/instrument with 475 hours TT and who is just starting to build my proficiency back up. I’d assumed the path was for...
  18. Arnold

    LODA - Could not be simpler - nor quicker.

    1) Sent email to FAA at address shown on EAA website. Last night 2309 UTC 2) Received email acknowledging receipt of my email at 2317. 3) Received email with ,pdf form to complete. Form included clear instructions. This AM. 4) Completed form and sent via email to...
  19. Antoine137


  20. P

    Part 135 Instructor - Add a rating to CFI?

    If a person has a CFI and subsequently is qualified as a Part 135 instructor for his company in a multi-engine aircraft, can that training program and company qualification be used to add MEI to the certificate?