1. JimNtexas

    Trouble removing King KX-155 from recent panel

    I had something strange happen today. A couple of weeks ago our club's C177RG suffered failure of the PS Engineering audio panel. PS Engineering was great, they gave me an RMA, I sent it to them and got it back in about a week, looking brand new. Cost ~$600 plus shipping to them. So today I...
  2. easik

    Dynon SkyView HDX OR Garmin G3X Touch

    This is probably the century old question, but I'm asking again. Some of you who follow me may already know that I'm building a Sling Tsi and I'm currently discussing with my team on choosing the right IFR panel for the airplane. My thoughts: - Most of my hours are behind Garmin avionics...
  3. wheaties

    data plans for multiple vendors

    If all you have is Garmin gear, your data plan payment is fairly straightforward. What I'm curious about is what do you use if you have an Aspen 2000 w/synth vis and Avidyne IDF-440? Do you have to pay for each separately? What's that cost?
  4. A

    PIREP: If you have a broken King KCS-55 / KI-525 / KG-102, Robert Bramble is the man!

    The compass card on my King HSI had started to fail over the last year. I would have to toggle it from “slave” to “free” to “slave” multiple times after startup to get it to point to the correct magnetic heading. As I taxied, it would get stuck, requiring me to repeat the sequence. In the...
  5. K

    For Sale ***SOLD *** $1255 KLN 94 TSO Color GPS (w/ DC roll steering output) + KA 92 GPS Antennae + SanDisk

    $1255 KLN 94 TSO Color GPS (w/ DC roll steering output) + KA 92 GPS Antennae + SanDisk Programmer + DataCard + Manual Price:$1255 Text 913-660-5922 email: pikefisher1927@yahoo.com Features: Color IFR GPS with moving map Self-contained annunciators reduce installation cost Enhanced version of...
  6. J

    avionics upgrade

    Hi guys, I need some advice&suggestion on avionics upgrades here. I got a '67 cherokee140/160 14v system. I just recently got my ppl and moving foward towards my ir. So now's the time to dump some money into my baby. So the goal is to make this into an ifr capable planes. I was thinking about...
  7. J

    For Sale For sale, steam gauges

    I am doing a minor panel upgrade in my Ram IV Cessna 340. As such, I have myriad removed instruments that may be of use to someone. I have them listed without reserve on ebay, each also has a buy it now price that is the lowest I could find currently on ebay. All worked at the time of...
  8. Tanille DeLair

    Cyber Monday ~ Black Friday sales?

    Is there any hope in seeing big sales this weekend on Garmin electronics? Or is the only time to get deals on this stuff at SNF and OSH?
  9. oasisaviation

    For Sale Atlanta Area ADSB Installs

    ADS-B solutions for GA, Rotor and Experimental. KCCO-Newnan Coweta. Stratus ESG with 2i (3i when shipping) for $3045 plus tax. Garmin GTX 345 $4500 plus tax. L3 NGT-9000 $4800 plus tax. 404-309-0877 Oasis Aviation
  10. A

    G5 and 430W

    I believe I am understanding correctly, but for those that have completed the install, a GAD29B is required for a G5 HSI to read to GPS data from the 430W, correct? I am hearing from some that the GAD29B is not required, but based on Garmin's install manual, I think only the VHF info can be...
  11. J

    Blind wire chafing protection?

    Wiring under the panel. What then? A service loop is supposed to be about 6" or as to allow for future ease of maintenance. In other words so the next guy can get the !@#$% thing out. And there are specs for bundle bends, loops etc.And there are specs for solid tie offs etc. And there are specs...
  12. S

    2018 Avionics Watchlist

    So with 2018 around the corner, what are you guys looking forward to in the world of certified avionics? I know I’ll be keeping an eye on the GFC 500...
  13. MN_Flyer

    For Sale Removed Avionics for sale

    Selling some avionics that are being removed from our plane. King KN-64 DME - $550 Century IIB AutoPilot Computer - $400 Also have a used JPI EDM-700-4C engine analyzer with fuel flow for sale. For low wing fuel-pump equipped plane. Comes with the Tanis-type CHT sensors. Asking $800. Would...
  14. T

    On obtaining approved data for Avionics installs

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I am an A&P student who has spent many years (decades) as an electronics engineer. I wish to be able to service my own plane. I was doing work at a 145 repair station during the summer doing cable harnesses and "installs". One thing that I saw was that...
  15. Dayron Nunez

    Non-TSO for Certified Aircraft

    Hi everyone Please first forgive my lack of knowledge in this area, and very new at this, not an aircraft owner, just a private pilot and looking forward to own some time soon hopefully. I've been looking at some avionics upgrade stuff on the web and found that all the "same" or similar...
  16. CLPSO-34

    Avionics Shop Experience Survey

    Hi Guys, I work with a small avionics shop and we are trying to determine if it would be worth our time and money to invest in a new website. We are going back and forth between between doing a simple face lift or going all out and adding a shopping cart with eCommerce capability for used and...
  17. X3 Skier

    EFIS for $100

    Build your own EFIS for about $100. Good for Experimentals or a backup. Something I'm going to fiddle with just for fun. Cheers
  18. Keck Aviation

    For Sale Used Avionics OVER 100 ITEMS

    We have accumulated all kinds of avionics over the years of running a maintenance/restoration shop. With our business recently growing dramatically, we do not have time to go through it all. Come look at the stuff and buy all or some. Reasonable offers will be accepted due to the fact we are...
  19. S

    panel upgrade vs tablet

    I have a panel which has a 430w linked to an MX-20 (installed right before Garmin aquired), with chartview and WSI weather. It has served me extremely well, but the MFD is no longer reliable (screen issues mostly), and Garmin no longer supports/repairs the unit. Replacing the panel display is...
  20. stevenhmiller

    Wanted: Aircraft Piper Archer II or III

    I'm looking to buy a 1977 or newer Piper Archer (II or III). I'd like a low TTAF. Engine time doesn't matter, and avionics doesn't matter, so long as price reflects accordingly. Obviously engine at TBO or original outdated avionics equals lower price, whereas very low engine time and/or updated...