PIREP: If you have a broken King KCS-55 / KI-525 / KG-102, Robert Bramble is the man!

Discussion in 'Avionics and Upgrades' started by Aviator305, May 15, 2019.

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    The compass card on my King HSI had started to fail over the last year. I would have to toggle it from “slave” to “free” to “slave” multiple times after startup to get it to point to the correct magnetic heading. As I taxied, it would get stuck, requiring me to repeat the sequence. In the air, it was OK as long as I didn’t turn too many degrees per second. And it never quite matched the magnetic heading on my vertical card compass.

    So, as I researched the issue on the web, Bob Bramble’s name kept coming up on old posts on multiple forums. I looked him up, had a quick conversation over the phone, and shipped him my KI-525A (HSI) and KG-102 (remote gyro). That was on a Monday. By Tuesday, he had determined the 525 was fine but the remote gyro needed an overhaul. He had shipped it back to me by Thursday. Cost of overhaul: $1600, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

    I installed it in the plane, and the entire unit works very smoothly now.

    Mr. Bramble has just moved from Sarasota to Tennessee. This is his updated contact information:

    Robert Bramble
    Aerolab Aviation Services
    FAA CRS#V0RR239Y
    535 Airport Lane
    Suite 1
    McKenzie, TN 38201
    Ph: (913) 680-4169
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    Same thing here. I was able to isolate the problem to my KG-102A (it was only 17 years old...). Fairly quick turnaround, good communication, and it worked flawlessly upon reinstallation.