1. R

    Garmin GTN650 + Bendix King Aerocruze problems

    Looking for a little guidance. My Cessna 182Q was just upgraded with a GTN650 and BK Aerocruze (Trutrak) autopilot. Plane has an original 6 pack with the exception of a GI-106A CDI. Before the install the avionics shop told me that this setup would be capable of performing GPSS approaches...
  2. djmcfall

    For Sale Bendix King KLN-94 Color GPS

    I just removed it from my 182 for a GNX-375 install. KLN94 looks great and the color display is flawless. Also included is a Mid-Continent MD41-1524 Annunciation Control Unit for IFR certified install, Tray (will all connectors and coat connector and pigtail), Pilot Friendly manual by ZD...
  3. iflyvfr

    For Sale KT78 Transponder w/ Tray, Encoder & Harness

    Everything you need in a transponder setup except the antenna. This includes a KT78 TSO transponder, tray, ACK Model A-30 encoder, coaxial cable, wiring harness. I got Appareo's ESGi I/O last weekend and preserved the wiring & tray to make it easy to reinstall. Great for experimental or setup...
  4. J

    Help Needed in Choosing Online Private Pilot Ground School

    Hey all! I'm new to PoA and just starting my (eventual) commercial pilot journey as well! Right now I have zero flight experience (minus one class taken at Ohio State in aviation about 10 years ago), but I'm having a hard time choosing between different online Private Pilot Ground schools...
  5. A

    PIREP: If you have a broken King KCS-55 / KI-525 / KG-102, Robert Bramble is the man!

    The compass card on my King HSI had started to fail over the last year. I would have to toggle it from “slave” to “free” to “slave” multiple times after startup to get it to point to the correct magnetic heading. As I taxied, it would get stuck, requiring me to repeat the sequence. In the...
  6. bcool

    For Sale King KCS-55A Compass (HSI) System

    I have the following items for sale as a package: King KCS-55A Compass (HSI) System (dual voltage 14v/28v) Includes: KI-525A Pictorial Navigation Indicator KG-102A Direction Gyro KMT-112 Magnetic Slaving Transmitter KA-51B Slaving Accessory tray mount for KG-102A miscellaneous...
  7. M

    For Sale KI-209A for sale

    Removed for avionics upgrade from a 182. Unit is yellow tagged and ready for install. Will ship well protected. Comes with connector plug as well. Email for pictures. Make offer! listed elsewhere for $999.