For Sale KT78 Transponder w/ Tray, Encoder & Harness


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Sep 20, 2013
Columbus, OH
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Everything you need in a transponder setup except the antenna. This includes a KT78 TSO transponder, tray, ACK Model A-30 encoder, coaxial cable, wiring harness. I got Appareo's ESGi I/O last weekend and preserved the wiring & tray to make it easy to reinstall. Great for experimental or setup for a 172 that won't need ADSB-out.

Everything works great - I talk to ATC frequently and no complaints. $50 + actual shipping to lower 48?
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Good deal, what did you do change out for ADSB.?
Thanks, I found a "great deal" at KOSH: Appareo's ESGi out, Stratus 3i in, USB power ports, 16' RG400 Coax, new ACK encoder, and wiring harness for $3100 out the door. In hindsight I would have skipped the new encoder and Stratus to lower the price.

@weirdjim has a great deal going...