1. G

    uAvionix skyBeacon: A false sense of security?

    Had lunch with a high school friend of mine a month ago. He’s been flying for some 45 years. Suggested I get ADSB so we could, along with some other folks, fly to areas inside of Mode C around the East Coast, where we all live. So, I picked up a uAvionix skyBeacon. That being the least...
  2. A

    For Sale Avionics for sale

    Free Flight Rngr ADSB - price reduced $1,100 Stratis 1 with ram mount bracket make an offer Tachometer 3 1/2 Inch mechanical make an offer
  3. Arnold

    Dynon DRX

    I'm giving this device consideration: BUT nowhere on the website (that I could find) does it have technical data. It has a quick start guide which is useless. And pretty much that is it. Only some of the few technical questions on their forum...
  4. J

    Want To Buy Sentry ADS-B

    Looking for a slightly used sentry adsb. PM me with details
  5. B

    New Aircraft, in need of avionics advice.

    Me and my dad just bought a 1975 Cessna 182P. It does not have Mode C or adsb and it still has the original cessna radios which we want to replace although they do work. We plan to use the 182 for cross country trips as well as to build time towards an instrument rating. I think a GNX375 makes...
  6. iflyvfr

    For Sale KT78 Transponder w/ Tray, Encoder & Harness

    Everything you need in a transponder setup except the antenna. This includes a KT78 TSO transponder, tray, ACK Model A-30 encoder, coaxial cable, wiring harness. I got Appareo's ESGi I/O last weekend and preserved the wiring & tray to make it easy to reinstall. Great for experimental or setup...
  7. S

    For Sale SOLD. LSZ3 / Sentry

    New Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset --only used 4 times and a Sentry portable ADSB receiver. Only used once. Original packages/boxes. $1100.00 firm plus shipping. Message for details.
  8. Alex Batista

    Is AHRS worth an additional $260?

    So I was researching portable Dual GPS’ with ADS-B and it seems like the ONLY difference between the Dual XGPS170D and the Dual XGPS190 is that the 190 has AHRS. The 170D can be found for $419 and the 190 for $679. My question is; is the AHRS capability worth the extra $260? I should mention...
  9. iflyvfr

    ADS-B Rebates all used up

    Just went to register, says they've all been used up. :mad: Wonder if there will be any out-equipment rebates at KOSH?
  10. Old97

    Adsb, mode C veil, and no electricity

    I searched but didnt find any obvious thread that addressed this. I read 91.225 and im not sure its 100% clear. If i buy a 73 year old champ that has never had an electrical system, can i fly it within the mode c veil, or more specifically, under the bravo shelf after jan 1 2020? I think the...
  11. Kumaran Srinivasan

    Straux on Avare

    Hi. I have been using Avare for more than 5 years & it's been very stable. Now im thinking of adding an ADSB in I heard a lot about Stratux If anyone is using Stratux on an Avare, I could clear some doubts. 1.Does this connect only via WiFi or it can connect via Bluetooth too. 2.Does this...
  12. oasisaviation

    For Sale Atlanta Area ADSB Installs

    ADS-B solutions for GA, Rotor and Experimental. KCCO-Newnan Coweta. Stratus ESG with 2i (3i when shipping) for $3045 plus tax. Garmin GTX 345 $4500 plus tax. L3 NGT-9000 $4800 plus tax. 404-309-0877 Oasis Aviation
  13. X3 Skier

    $199 ADSB In from ForeFlight
  14. S

    ADS-B out. Transponder and installation for $2,435. Why I pulled the trigger now instead of waiting.

    I have ADS-B in via a Gamin GDL 39 and Area 796. All I needed was ADS-B out to be legal. Appareo makes an all in one box (the Stratus ESG ADS-B Out and WAAS GPS) for only $2,995. Size-wise this is a replacement for most King and Narco transponders. I had a Narco AT-165 that was about 10...
  15. S

    ADS-B Out $2,435 Installed. How can that be ?

    ADDS B Out purchased and installed for $2,435 - Here is my ADS-B Story. I have ADS-B in via a Gamin GDL 39 and Area 796. All I needed was ADS-B out to be legal. Appareo makes an all in one box (the Stratus ESG ADS-B Out and WAAS GPS) for only $2,995. Size-wise this is a replacement for...
  16. L

    FS: Dual Electronics XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B $325 (FL)

    Excellent condition. Used for a little over a year in a Lear. Works with WingX, not Foreflight. Read about it here: Very handy to have. $325 shipped. Thanks!