1. S

    Transponders for paragliders

    I'm a former Navy and small aircraft pilot, and now fly unpowered paragliders in the Seattle area. I'm interested if there are small lightweight transponders a paraglider could carry to simply squawk 1200 to show up on our local Seattle Approach radar. I've ridden thermals to 15K' and had 6+...
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    GTX 335 altitude routinely off by 100'

    Over the past year I've noticed the pressure altitude reported by the transponder is routinely off by 100' when compared to my altimeter when set to 29.92. In every case it reports me being 100' lower (never higher). On some rare occasions it's been 200 feet (since there is only 100' resolution...
  3. Eric Brunelle

    750xi data fields

    Hello All- I'm having a 750xi installed in my Archer, and am wondering how to reconfigure the data buttons that are used for transponder and audio. I'm just using the demo on my PC. I don't have a Garmin transponder, nor a remote audio panel, so I would like to use those buttons for other...
  4. flyerfocus

    Transponder on Garmin 430?

    Trying to get used to glass in the cockpit after being away for a few years. Does the 430 have the transponder built into it like (I think) the 9000 does? Thanks.
  5. A1Topgun

    A simple question for the POA "Brain Trust".

    How to enter "Configuration Mode" on a Bendix King KT 24 transponder? I need to check and possibly change some communication parameters.
  6. J

    Want To Buy AT-165 Transponder

    My Narco AT-150 went poop. Bench test says that it isn't repairable. I'm not quite ready to do a complete upgrade (already have ADSB out) on the transponder but think that a AT-165 side-n-replacement is a good option right now. So if anyone has done a panel upgrade and has an AT-165 lying...
  7. BillTIZ

    Southern NH Transponder Checks

    Rather than restart an old thread on Transponders (6yrs), I'll start fresh. It has been years since I've been on POA. Recently moved (returned after 38 yrs away) to Southern NH. I will need a shop this spring for 24 month transponder check. Searching GoogleFOO does not reveal much. Any...
  8. Adam Weiss

    GTX 45R Squawk input via GTN

    My Narco transponder Is on its way to greener pastures. I’m planning a panel upgrade to G3X Touch (experimental), but I’m not ready to do it all yet. Ideally, I want to replace the transponder now, and reuse it when I do the full panel. The GTX 45R is what I was planning for the...
  9. B

    For Sale Narco AT 155 TSO Transponder

    Narco AT 155 TSO transponder. Worked without problem when it was removed for a panel upgrade. What you see is what comes with. $100 + shipping OBO.
  10. A

    For Sale SkyBeacon ADS-B Out Transmitter by uAvionix

    Selling my ADS-B out Transmitter. It was never used. I had a prop strike on the plane and didnt get to use it. UNIQUE WINGTIP-MOUNTED DESIGN The skyBeacon replaces your wingtip navigation light with a simple, compact solution to become ADS-B out compliant. Remove your old light and install...
  11. Mike Bushard Jr

    Sold Bendix/King KT76C

    Hello, We removed our KT76c and SSD120 for an upgrade. Everything was working before removal. $350 plus shipping for both the transponder (Includes Tray) and the encoder.
  12. iflyvfr

    For Sale KT78 Transponder w/ Tray, Encoder & Harness

    Everything you need in a transponder setup except the antenna. This includes a KT78 TSO transponder, tray, ACK Model A-30 encoder, coaxial cable, wiring harness. I got Appareo's ESGi I/O last weekend and preserved the wiring & tray to make it easy to reinstall. Great for experimental or setup...
  13. Kumaran Srinivasan

    Straux on Avare

    Hi. I have been using Avare for more than 5 years & it's been very stable. Now im thinking of adding an ADSB in I heard a lot about Stratux If anyone is using Stratux on an Avare, I could clear some doubts. 1.Does this connect only via WiFi or it can connect via Bluetooth too. 2.Does this...
  14. JScarry

    Garmin GTX 335 as WAAS source for G5

    On the Aircraft Spruce website the FAQ for the GTX 335 says that a software update is in the works for using the 335 as a WAAS source for a G5. According to the Garmin website, they are on version 2.12 now. Does anyone know if the updates allow it to be used as a WAAS source? Can you use the...
  15. J

    Basic question: Why and when does ATC assign squawk codes to A/C?

    I'm pretty fresh to learning about the nuances of ATC and want to know why ATC assigns squawk codes in the first place. I've seen pictures of an ATC's radar scope, and it includes the ICAO airline designator and the flight number. Without a squawk code, would that information still be there? If...
  16. nickmatic

    My air data computer is interfering with my transponder???

    So this is an odd one. When flying now ATC is telling me my transponder is reporting an altitude about 2500 feet too high (and they haven't been too happy about it, either). I figured out, however, that if I pull the breaker on my Air Data Computer, the problem goes away... WTH?? These 2 things...
  17. nickmatic

    Altitude encoding errors... where do I start looking?

    As there is only one very busy avionics guy at my airport, it helps a lot if I can debug things on my own... hoping someone can point me in the right direction. On my last flight ATC kept telling me they were seeing me on radar at around 6000 but I was at 2000-2500 at the highest. I cycled the...
  18. MN_Flyer

    For Sale Removed Avionics for sale

    Selling some avionics that are being removed from our plane. King KN-64 DME - $550 Century IIB AutoPilot Computer - $400 Also have a used JPI EDM-700-4C engine analyzer with fuel flow for sale. For low wing fuel-pump equipped plane. Comes with the Tanis-type CHT sensors. Asking $800. Would...
  19. Dayron Nunez

    Transponder issue KT76A

    Hi guys. I have installed a KT76A classic transponder on a 1957 C172, did a bench test on it at a shop about 2 months ago and it was just fine. Last week I flew and was told by atc upon arriving to the terminal area the they were not getting my transponder, just raw primary radar, I cycled my...
  20. S

    KT-71 digital transponder for sale, great condition, 90 day warranty. $795

    KT-71 digital transponder for sale, great condition, 90 day warranty. $795 Part Number 066-01141-5101