Southern NH Transponder Checks


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Sep 3, 2008
ASH, 3B3
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Rather than restart an old thread on Transponders (6yrs), I'll start fresh. It has been years since I've been on POA.

Recently moved (returned after 38 yrs away) to Southern NH. I will need a shop this spring for 24 month transponder check. Searching GoogleFOO does not reveal much.

Any contacts in the Nashua NH area for transponder checks?
Drive in Drive out (trailer).

Also in search of independent IA to complete owner assisted annual inspection on a glider. Standard Airworthiness Certification, so an A&P is not enought.
Contact Jeff Wall at Infinity Aviation in Nashua. Good guy, good shop. But, like every other northeastern avionics shop, they are super busy. Might be a bit before you can get an appointment.
Thanks, I think I’m due in April or May. Glider is packed away for the winter, should be resurrecting it in March.
Second for Jeff at Craig at KCON. I have had him do lots of work on my plane and it all is top notch.
IS it true that Craig retired ? He did several airplane updates for me,his work was always great.
I never met Craig but Jeff Fahey seems to be the main guy now.
I had less than good results when trying to get a quote from Craig Avionics for two different installations in my airplane. They were bought by JBI Helicopters a few years back and Craig retired. Jeff seems to run the shop.