1. C

    Avionics database/interface info

    Hello nice people. Is there any database where to browse most common avionics and their installation manuals as well of any interface equipment that will allow different sensors to work with avionics? Thank you
  2. easik

    Looking for a mobile avionics specialist in NC

    Hi, I'm looking for an avionics tech that is familar with Garmin avionics. If you are one or know of a reliable tech, please let me know. You can comment here or shoot me an email mike@lookupflightacademy.com. Thanks.
  3. Maas885

    What avionics does my 182Q need to have for me to take a IFR check ride?

    Hello, I'm wanting to start my IFR training but need to do some upgrades to make my 182Q IFR check ride ready. Was hoping I could just pop a Garmin GPS 175 for now but I think I might have to do some other stuff to make it IFR Check ride ready? It is ADS-B out already and it was IFR certified...
  4. H

    Kit storage time

    Hi folks. I want to build a plane someday (not decided on the brand yet) but was wondering for how long can the crates be stored?. Since kit prices are always coming up, I'm considering to order now and store it for a 3-5 year period. Is that too much? What could be the risk of storing for that...
  5. ArrowFlyer86

    Panel upgrade - getting modern gps

    Throughout IFR training it's become clear that I really need to get an IFR GPS to expand my capabilities. Assuming this is your starting point, how would you customize it to get the most functionality bang-for-the-buck? Right now the center stack is a KLN89 GPS (VFR-only), 2 KX-155 TSO...
  6. malcoholio

    G3x vs GTN750 'Recent Frequencies'

    Minor frustration with Garmin here. When looking at 'Recent Frequencies' on the G3x, it will show the designation of the frequency. (Tower, Approach, AWOS, etc.). The GTN, however, just shows the frequency. Not sure if there is a fix or I missed a configuration somewhere. Just annoying.
  7. B

    Dynon EFIS D10A

    Hi There! I have an RV6A that I'm doing an avionics upgrade on. I have on the aircraft Dynon EFIS D10A, EMS D10, 2 axis Dynon autopilot. I'm trying to add Aspen PFD 1000 and IFD 440. is it possible to have the aspen EFIS talk to the Dynon EFIS so I could use the autopilot with the aspen and IFD 440?
  8. ArrowFlyer86

    Tip-toeing into the 21st century

    Maybe I'm just giddy because I have a new toy - but just got the plane back today with a new G5 AI installed and it's making me wish I did it 2 years ago! That thing packs a lot of functionality into a tiny package. Super cool. And I'm fairly confident it's the first piece of avionics in my...
  9. thesmug

    Unusual and Rare Avionics

    I just bought a very nice R182 and it has a few open spots for instruments where there used to be a stormscope and probably an ADF. The stormscope antenna is still on the plane and I'm considering putting in an ADF because I actually quite like using them during approaches, but I am also very...
  10. Patrick

    Avionics log-files analysis / fdm

    Hi all, those of you with avionics/engine monitors that record log-files (eg Garmin G5/275/3X/1000/3000 …, Avidyne …, Dynon etc..) might be interested in looking at the data. This is a software prototype I’m affiliated with. We have a number of initial users now who are very happy with it...
  11. ArrowFlyer86

    Attitude indicator drifts off, and my new one is doing the same

    I recently bought a new attitude indicator since I was having trouble with my previous one "drifting off". Now this new indicator is doing the same after only about 25 hours. What happens: - In both cases the issue first arose on a long flight, just doing straight and level. When I do frequent...
  12. H

    Pelican Airways

    Is Friday guys! https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/pelican-blocks-plane-from-takeoff-at-san-diego-airport/2933418/
  13. H

    Hi guys, what's this?

    Saw it on the bottom of a Luscombe 8A currently for sale: Thanks in advance
  14. H

    So, how often do you yell/curse to your plane?

    Any particular memory of a plane/flight that made you lose your ****e?
  15. H

    Let's build a panel

    I'm bored guys. Let's build a panel together. I was thinking either a PA-28 or a C-172 but open to suggestions. I will add the suggested instruments to the template. I prefer steam gauges, but we can add glass if you want. I was also thinking "Light" IFR but maybe we can do a VFR and an IFR...
  16. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  17. H

    There's such thing as too many Airframe hours right?

    Searching for an hour (confidence) builder plane, I came to this one: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/206079693/1979-cessna-172n-skyhawk-piston-single-aircraft A 79' C172N with 14.500 total airframe hours. Probably from a flight school. I'm not interested on buying it but I got...
  18. H

    Engine upgrade recommendations for a J-3

    Hi guys, the J-3 is one of my options as a first plane after my PPL is completed. I found one (1946) at TAP that currently has a Continental A-65-8F (65 HP, 1800hr TBO) + a McCauley 2 Blade. See pic below. I'm planning to squeeze that engine until the end, but what will be a good engine option...
  19. H

    How long it took you to fly with your loved ones?

    Hi guys. Even if a PPL will legally allow you to carry passengers right after you get it, how long it took you to feel confident enough to bring your loved ones on board? Did you established a number of total hours or any other particular achievements while flying solo in order to take the decision?
  20. H

    What was the first aviation related book that you read?

    With the risk of revealing your age... (I mean, flight hours) do you recall what was the first aviation-related book you read? Do you still keep it on your bookshelf? (Share a pic or link if you want) Here's mine: "The Killing Zone". A book that may scare the s*** out of many aspiring pilots but...