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Jul 17, 2019
Chicago suburbs
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The Little Arrow That Could
Maybe I'm just giddy because I have a new toy - but just got the plane back today with a new G5 AI installed and it's making me wish I did it 2 years ago! That thing packs a lot of functionality into a tiny package. Super cool. And I'm fairly confident it's the first piece of avionics in my plane from the 21st century... Anywho, now that the busted AI is out this gets my IFR training back on track!

Separately, beautiful day out in northern IL/southern WI. Just had to run back home and then going back out again. A lot of planes flocking north today. I have to imagine they're all KOSH bound. I got dumped from flight following within 5 mins of takeoff since they're quite busy, so keep your eyes open for traffic if you're out today!

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Picture didn't show up on the first post for some reason...

Great post and photo

Your g5 and altimeter differ by 20ft in the photo
I've flown a 172M with dual G5s and 2 axis GFC 500. Flew a coupled LPV approach hands off all the way to minimums (foggles). Very, very cool!

I cannot wait to get my RV-8 finished. It has dual ADHARS, AP and GNS430. I'm installing avionics now. But will have to remove it all once its all mapped out and the wire bundles are fabricated, so I can touch up the cockpit finish and rivet the top skins on.