safety pilot

  1. P

    Safety Pilot - Central Florida. KGIF, KBOW, KISM

    First post here. I’m beginning my IFR journey and looking for fellow pilots in the area that would like to get up and do some flying. I looking for someone willing to sit in the right seat and be a safety pilot so I can get some hood time built up. I own my own PA-28R-200 (complex) that is...
  2. C

    Time Building Florida

    Looking for anyone who wants to time build in single engine or multi engine. Orlando/Sanford area.
  3. B

    Time Building DFW

    I am moving to Fort worth and am looking for someone to sit left seat in my C182 and act as a safety pilot for me while I work on CFI. I am a commercial pilot with instrument, but I am not instrument current. I have about 10hrs of dual with me sitting right seat. Im looking to maintain...
  4. G

    Safety Pilot- HPN

    Just thought I'd post here. If there is another forum that's better suited for these kinds of posts, mods, feel free to move this. I am available on most weekdays to act as a safety pilot for anyone looking to stay IFR current. I am well versed in G1000 and C172/SR20/SR22. ASEL, CPL, IR...
  5. T

    Time building (best wet hourly rate prices)

    Looking to see what are the wet rates in your area for flying? Rocky Mountain flying $99-wet c172 Little rock - $85 wet -pa28
  6. ArrowFlyer86

    Chicago area safety pilot

    I'm beginning the flight portion of my IFR training and it'd be helpful to have a safety pilot for a lot of the practice so I don't need to schedule all the training with my instructor. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who would be interested? This would be in my well maintained Piper Arrow...
  7. T

    New private pilot time builder ?

    Are there any websites for time building or social media group pages for low time pilots looking to build time together as a safety pilots? I went to a small Flight school and it wasn’t a lot of networking available for safety pilots or time builders after private. I’ve started instrument...
  8. justin jiron

    Free PIC hours to be my safety pilot (KAPA Denver area)

    Hey all.. Do you know anyone trying to build PIC hours? I need a safety pilot so I can get my Instrument Hood time.. I'll pay for the plane, I just need someone to keep an eye out and keep me company.. I pay, you log PIC.. Hopefully someone can help me out? I fly daily (weather permitting)...
  9. C

    Split time / safety pilot for IR hours (CMA)

    I'm an instrument student in CMA renting from Camarillo Flight Instruction, and I'm looking for a safety pilot to build XC and hood time
  10. justin jiron

    Denver area (KAPA preferred), need split time / safety pilot for IR hours

    I'm in the middle of building hood & x-country time for my Instrument Rating, and a little birdie told me this would be a good place to look for someone to split time and/or find a safety pilot? I fly almost everyday out of Centennial (APA).. usually in the mornings.. Any leads to other...
  11. B

    Safety pilot in NoVA, MD, DC

    I’m an instrument-rated private pilot looking to find some safety pilot duties. I generally fly out of KHEF, but can drive to wherever you are based. I’ll buy the lunch. PM me if you’re interested!
  12. J

    Safety pilot in NC area

    Hello everyone, I recently finished my private and plan to work straight through for my IFR and CPL starting in September 2019. I have rented a PA28 for 100 hours and plan to fly all over the country. This will meet the cross country and PIC requirements but the hood time is the problem. To...
  13. M

    Looking for Partner to buy a plane SE Florida

    Looking for 1 or 2 partners to buy a single engine airplane on the $30 - $35k price range (piper cherokee 140, 150, 180 or a 172 mid timer or less smoh), ifr equiped to build flight time. I am located in souteast Florida.
  14. chickencanfly

    Looking to time build or fly safety pilot in SoCal

    Hello Currently working on my IR and need hood time and cross country time. Rent out of KCNO wet C172 between $125 to $140 depending on the C172 type =N/M/SP. Split costs 50%/50% and split hood time/safety pilot roles. Flexible and can fly of SoCal area, as long it is close to KCNO. Thanks.
  15. F

    South Florida - Rental Share - Time building

    Hi All, Any pilots here that need to build hours towards a Rating in the Palm Beach or Broward areas and need hours? I understand concept of buying lunch for safety pilots, but I’m looking for mutually beneficial situations where both of us can save money and have some fun building CC hours...
  16. P

    Atlanta area safety pilot

    Hi everyone, I am a newly minted instrument rated pilot, now working on my commercial multi rating. I am in the Atlanta area and am looking to get up in the air as often as I can. It's really not even about the hours (although that's a bonus), I just love flying. If anyone is in need of a...
  17. N

    What resources do you use to find other pilots to fly with?

    Hi there - new member on PoA. Curious about resources that anyone uses to find new pilots to fly with/safety pilots for Instrument currency/etc. Is it just word of mouth/flight school/instructor recommendations? Also curious where many of you find/meet GA pilots who you fly with regularly; not...
  18. forseth11

    Instrument Rating - Safety Pilot

    Hello. I'm currently training for my instrument rating and I only need 12.7 more IMC or simulated IMC time. So far I have only practiced and trained with my flight instructor, and I was wanting to try out the safety pilot option since my instructor is not always in town. Would any private...
  19. P

    Looking for safety pilot to fly with me, KVUO Vancouver, WA

    Hello all, Having flown very infrequently, I have unfortunately reached a point where I am reluctant to fly solo. I am hoping flying with a safety pilot for a while would help me get back in the saddle. I am in Vancouver, WA (very near Portland, OR) and fly a Cessna 182. Seeking someone...
  20. bostonpilot55

    Time Building in Boston

    Hi, I am a 175 hour instrument rated private pilot based out of BVY. I have access to a PA28, a C172R, and a C182R for $105, $115, and $155 per TACH hour respectively. I am looking to split the cost of time building by safety piloting with somebody. I work full-time, so I typically fly on...