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Jan 24, 2018
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Currently working on my IR and need hood time and cross country time. Rent out of KCNO wet C172 between $125 to $140 depending on the C172 type =N/M/SP. Split costs 50%/50% and split hood time/safety pilot roles. Flexible and can fly of SoCal area, as long it is close to KCNO.

And don't let that white pilot scarf get knotted to tight .... sarcasm, snark, and satire are common events on this board.
You can add a UT tag if you really want to tick him off
You can add a UT tag if you really want to tick him off
As you know, Texas Aggies are very much all about traditions.

As such, there is a particular tradition about the Aggie Class Ring that applies to your comment.

You see, on the bottom band of the Aggie Ring are a bunch of dimples.​

These represent how the newly graduated Aggie feels about the students who chose wrong and attended that little school in Austin known as "tu". As in, "they are a bunch of arseholes".​

Then, over the span of 15 or 20 years after graduation, those same dimples wear away and eventually the band becomes mostly smooth.​

This represents that, after college, and that Aggie is now out in the world enjoying post college life, career, and family, the Aggie comes to realize that those folk who chose to attend "tu" are not such arseholes after all.

Hi, are you still looking pilot or know someone needs a pilot for time building?
Hello there , I am actually looking for someone to do time building with , you can text me on 530-965-2439