1. V

    Shop/agent/broker - importing a GA aircraft - california

    Hello, I am looking for a shop/agent/broker, preferably (but not mandatory) in or around the Bay area in California, who can help with the complete process of importing (fly it to the US, paperwork for deregistration/registration, escrow, coordinate IA/DAR, etc.) a GA (Grumman) aircraft from...
  2. T

    LSA Rental California

    Hi Everyone, I have travel taking me to Santa Barbara and then Torrance, CA. I'd love to get checked-out and rent a plane to do some flying--appreciating the gorgeous coast. Anywhere between Santa Barbara and the LA area is preferred, however I may visit a friend in San Diego as well so I am...
  3. F

    Turbo 182T (G1000) Instruction in NorCal

    Hey folks, recently acquired a T182T in the Santa Rosa/Petaluma area. Hoping to use this aircraft for all of my ratings/time-building through to commercial. Previous experience is ~50 hours in a 172S, half of that in G1000, with one solo and a few cross country lessons. I'm looking for an...
  4. C

    looking for a six-seater to rent in CA

    Hi, I Recently got my PPL, and still well under 250 total hours. We are a family of 5 and I'm looking for a single, six-seater (or five-seater) for a family vacation, somewhere around the San Francisco bay area, or anywhere is northern California/Navada. So far the only place I found that has...
  5. Travis Schaefer

    ISO A&P for partial prebuy inspection Piper Seneca iii Oakland/Hayward, CA wanted

    Greetings, I am in search of an A&P in the Oakland/ Hayward, CA area for a partial pre-buy inspection of a Piper Seneca iii. Wednesday, June 24th at the Hayward Airport. I am mostly needing the motors bore scoped and general engine/propeller conditional inspection. Continental TSIO-360-kb's...
  6. Caleb Greene

    Dynon SkyView HDX Certified

    Hello fellow forumers, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I'm Caleb Greene and own an FAA Certified avionics facility at Cable Airport in Upland, CA. Recently, but not so recently, Dynon has come out to the certified market and are pushing production for STC in many single and...
  7. brcase

    So-Cal Complex/ATC Airspace Training Plan

    I am planning some training for a friend of mine that purchased a Mooney and is based at Flabob. Below is the long version. But here are short version questions for local pilots… What airports are best for practicing Takesoffs and Landings near Flabob? Any tips/tricks/recommendations for...
  8. Archimago

    California cabins?

    Does anyone know of an airport that is near cabins for camping? We are on central coast California. We have a Grumman AA5 Traveler so high altitude mountain grass strips wouldn’t be ideal. Thanks! Richard
  9. B

    Wanted: Club Membership Bay Area Club/Partnership KPAO KSQL KSJC KRHV KHAF

    I am a private pilot who is moving to the Bay Area in July 2020. Nearly all of my training has been at KHHR in Los Angeles in Cirrus SR20's (G6). I'd love to stay with Cirrus aircraft but also considering options in other planes. My IFR training was cut short due to the Coronavirus but I plan on...
  10. mr_happyland

    Top 6 small airports in Southern California

    In my latest video, I put together a list of my favorite airports to fly to in Southern California. My criteria was a combination of factors such as restaurants, transportation, cool things to do etc... There are many good ones to choose from but this is what I came up with:
  11. CaliFlier

    Time Sharing in OC

    Looking for a pilot that lives in the Orange County area that would want to split the cost of time building. I have PPL with instrument rating building hours to get a commercial. I usually fly out of Chino in a C172S but am flexible.
  12. chickencanfly

    Looking to time build or fly safety pilot in SoCal

    Hello Currently working on my IR and need hood time and cross country time. Rent out of KCNO wet C172 between $125 to $140 depending on the C172 type =N/M/SP. Split costs 50%/50% and split hood time/safety pilot roles. Flexible and can fly of SoCal area, as long it is close to KCNO. Thanks.
  13. M

    New EDO 2130 floats for 172 for sale

    EDO 2130 Floats for Sale. Located in San Francisco. These were intended for our seaplane in San Francisco, but once we got new floats, disassembled the plane, and started making airplane noises we found some serious trauma in our 172... So the insurance company owns that now, and we're stuck...
  14. Karen

    Looking for a rideshare from Cali !

    Hi there ! I'm a Frenchie travelling in California right now and I'm very eager to experience jet hiking ! I was wondering if you guys would have any pointers about that (where to go to meet pilots, where private planes are taking off from..)? Or even better, anybody willing to take me on their...
  15. Amanda B

    Give a gal a lift... (California)

    Hi! I'd be thankful to hitch a ride from Camarillo (or greater LA/Ventura/Santa Barbara area) to other locations like: 1) Sacramento 2) Palo Alto/bay area 3) Long Beach 4) Wine country every now and then. Specifically, while I realize this is a long shot, if anyone is willing to go from...
  16. Frugal Pilot

    Free Burgers

    2016 Willits Airport Day & Burger Fly-In -- Sunday, Sept 18, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fly in for a free Lions Club Burger at the Willits Municipal Airport (O28) located near the northern California Redwoods an hour north of SFO and an hour west of SAC. Great food, music, exhibits and demonstrations...