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Aug 26, 2023
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Hey folks, recently acquired a T182T in the Santa Rosa/Petaluma area.

Hoping to use this aircraft for all of my ratings/time-building through to commercial. Previous experience is ~50 hours in a 172S, half of that in G1000, with one solo and a few cross country lessons.

I'm looking for an instructor experienced with the G1000 and knows how to take care of the turbo especially.

Appreciate any recommendations, or any A&Ps/shops in the state who are good with turbos.
United Flight Services in Watsonville knows turbos, including the T182T very well.

It's a very robust system and oversized, so you get full boost up to its certificated altitude (20,000'). Usually 25" or 27" and 2300 rpm is good for going places, plan on 15 gph every hour more or less.

Not an easy aircraft to hot start until you figure it out.

Feel free to PM if any specific questions - thousands of hours in that aircraft and other turbos as well.