1. F

    Turbo 182T (G1000) Instruction in NorCal

    Hey folks, recently acquired a T182T in the Santa Rosa/Petaluma area. Hoping to use this aircraft for all of my ratings/time-building through to commercial. Previous experience is ~50 hours in a 172S, half of that in G1000, with one solo and a few cross country lessons. I'm looking for an...
  2. D

    MP Gauge, leak, or some other issue? 1985 Cessna 182R

    New to me a co-owner of a 1985 Cessna 182R. In addition to the annual, we had a JPI 830 installed. We were not able to fly her prior to purchase so don’t capture any readings of manifold pressure until post annual and 830 install. Basically, the MP readings through both the original analog...
  3. handcuff

    RV10 or C182 or Other for my needs...?

    Hey guys, I’ve been trolling for months (years, really) but joined today to get experienced pilots’ perspective regarding immediate/mid-term plans for a plane: My dad was a professional pilot as I grew up, flying Cessna Citations, Learjets, Kingairs, and several of the larger commercial jets...
  4. T

    A Quest: I need to find who or how the A/C was installed on 182R

    Hello all. I have a busted air conditioning on my 1984 182R. We are missing a few logbooks from the plane's 1980s days so we have no clue how it was installed. Here's the deal: I have power coming to the blower controls and going to the blower motors installed in the ceiling. One of the blower...
  5. ArrowFlyer86

    Flying around Curacao in a C182

    I booked a trip to Curacao and then last minute just thought about renting a plane there. Now I've got some reservations on a C182 to fly around the area for some sightseeing. Curious if anyone has been there before and has any recommendations for sights that would be cool to see from above? Or...
  6. T

    Structural Failure

    I purchased a 182RG several months ago and often take 5-7 hour cross-country trips. Once I get everything set up in cruise, autopilot on, etc my mind will wander. One unpleasant thought I commonly run into is "gee that would really suck if the wing snapped off right now". This thought ruins the...
  7. D

    Complex Engine Takeoffs and Altitude

    I recently purchased a 182 RG for the purpose of some good ol cross country cruising. Here's my question: High Elevation vs Low Elevation Complex Takeoffs High Elevation: All my training in 182's / Complex was at my home field at high elevation 4,000 ft or more. I was instructed to perform...
  8. WGregB

    Looking for CFIs in Casa Grande, Eloy or Coolidge AZ

    Looking for training in a Cessna 182. I don't need a plane just some help finding an instructor. Thanks,
  9. T

    ISO Peterson (Katmai/Kenai/260SE) Owners

    I've got a friend looking to get into one of these - ideally used, if that turns out to be feasible. He'd like to talk to some owners about what to look for, etc. I haven't been able to find any specific owners' groups that have been updated since 2017 (the official one hasn't, except for a...
  10. GotPiper

    For Sale Cessna 182S Manual/Handbook Poly Wrap unopened

    A brand-new ilke, "in wrap" manual I purchased but never got checked out in a 182. The Manual comes wrapped with Pilot Safety & Warning Supplement booklet, and on top in the wrap is FAA "Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness" flyer. $50 + USPS shipping (just the cost)
  11. D

    177 vs 182 For cargo

    Evening, i'm a pilot in training and i'm also looking for a working airplane for short cargo hauls in the Caribbean. Less than 100 nautical mile legs. I'm searching for an airplane that I can both finish my training in and use after the fact. Considering renting or buying for flight training...
  12. GSDpilot

    Buying a Cessna 182

    I am going to purchase a 182 as a first airplane, and am looking for some advice. Should I avoid an RG model? Insurance is more expensive, and it is one more thing to deal with as a newer pilot. I also understand it will cost more to maintain, and there is a risk of a collapse. It is not my...
  13. P

    Debate: 182 vs Super Viking

    All - I am getting ready to obtain my PPL and would like to purchase my first plane OR potentially partner in the Austin area. My mission would be a long XC 1-2 times a month ~250nm (some longer) and of course local fun. Useful load wise, I'd be looking at mostly 2 adults with the occasional...
  14. calberto

    For Sale: Aircraft Anyone know of any 182's with PPONK conversion for sale?

    I'm looking for a Cessna 182 with a PPONK engine conversion. Wondering if any of you all know of any that are for sale, or owners who may want to sell.
  15. G-Man

    Real world cruise speed differences - M20E and C182

    Anyone have good info on real-world planning KTAS speeds for Cessna 182 and Mooney M20E? Lots of other differences in the two aircraft, but I'm trying to determine cruise speeds. For example, an 856nm flight - KBJC KSAF KABQ KALM KBJC - gives me the following times for 865nm: 120 kts 7:13 125...
  16. Wade

    For Sale 1956 Cessna 172 Time Machine

    18th Cessna 172 to come off the assembly line. Gorgeous inside and out. Only 2500TT airframe. It should be in a museum or only flown to Airshows. New interior, Garmin 250xl Navcom, transponder, 4 place intercom w/dual push to talk. In annual all cylinders 70 and above, holds 35 psi oil pressure...
  17. Adam Weiss

    Looking to Buy (Again)...Recommendations?

    All, new to the forum, and happy to be here! Brief introduction: I'm a 300hr PP-SEL pilot. Previously, I owned a Beech Super Musketeer (A23-24 200HP) for about 5 years. Nice plane, but quickly had the itch for more speed. Now I'm in a club with a few 172s and a 182 now. Both good planes. I...
  18. J

    1969 C182 Cowl flap frustration

    Hello all, I am having a challenge with my cowl flaps. On the ground, running or not, it operates normally. Once in flight they will not close. The lever just seems frozen. I've even checked during a touch and go, just below rotate speed they work. My A&P just completed the annual and could...
  19. NordicDave

    Who can re-chrome a 182 Front Strut?

    See attached... I bought a 182 which needed the front strut re-chromed. The front strut finally started giving out at the seals and the time has come for a rebuild. Anyone know of a good resource to have a Cessna 182 front strut re-chrome plated? Thanks, -NordicDave
  20. G

    Trade Avionics for Flight time? - Chicagoland Area

    Hi fellow pilots, I have an Avidyne IFD440 (new in box), which if you aren't familiar with, is a pin for pin replacement for the GNS430W. As some of you may know, the 430 and 530 have been discontinued by Garmin a few years ago. I was planning on putting this IFD440 in a plane of my own, but...