1969 C182 Cowl flap frustration

Jason Westlund

Filing Flight Plan
May 15, 2017
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Jason W.
Hello all,

I am having a challenge with my cowl flaps. On the ground, running or not, it operates normally. Once in flight they will not close. The lever just seems frozen. I've even checked during a touch and go, just below rotate speed they work.

My A&P just completed the annual and could not see anything wrong. He flipped a bolt to make sure it wasn't getting in the way.

I would appreciate any guidance/suggestions one might have on this.

Thank you.

We had trouble with a cable that the portion that remains attached to the firewall was cracked and it was moving in a weird way under load such that sometimes they'd bind up, and once after the engine was power washed, the cable filled with water and bound up completely, which was how it was finaly found.

Cable replacement made it all smooth and happy again.