A Quest: I need to find who or how the A/C was installed on 182R


Mar 6, 2022
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Hello all. I have a busted air conditioning on my 1984 182R. We are missing a few logbooks from the plane's 1980s days so we have no clue how it was installed. Here's the deal:

I have power coming to the blower controls and going to the blower motors installed in the ceiling. One of the blower motors is out. Problem #1 is we need to replace it and we don't know a part number. I can't get into the shop for another month so I would like to order it as soon as possible. Problem #2 is power is going into and out of the A/C on switch/knob but no power is getting to the check valve for a/c pressure or to the compressor. The engine driven compressor does not run nor the condenser in the back. The standard 182RG POH says the A/C add on should have circuit breakers on the pilots left side. These breakers do not exist. Additionally, MX at my shop says he very rarely sees a blower system installed in the roof so he does not think it is a standard Textron/Cessna design. There are no obvious circuit breakers popped anywhere and the A/C has been serviced to the proper pressure level. So I'm currently left with a $1,000+ work hour wire tracing hunt to figure out where the power is getting interrupted.

So here's where I need help. I scoured the FAA sites for any STC that could possibly match. I found one for Kelly Aerospace Systems, but this is electrically driven and mine is engine driven compressor. The only other, and best candidate I could find is an STC issued to Flightcool, Inc. in Redding California. The STC says it was installed in accordance with the Patterson Aircraft Company Master Drawing list PAT800. I have spent hours trying to track down the owner of the STC using internet searches. The address on the STC comes up to some house in Redding CA suburbia. I also cannot find anything on the Patterson Aircraft company. I have already done everything short of sending snail mail to the address on the STC (I'll probably do that today). Has anybody heard of this STC or have any guesses where I can find technical information on the A/C?
I scoured the FAA sites for any STC that could possibly match
Don't quite follow some of your troubleshooting explanation but Air Comm/Keith also offered a vapor cycle AC system depending on how old your aircraft is. But as I recall if it is an STC system there should be a flight manual supplement somewhere in your POH or records. Have you tried getting a copy of the aircraft records from Oak City? They might show which system is installed. Perhaps post some pics of the condenser/ evaporator assemblies which should also have a data tag on them. Same on the engine compressor in some cases.