1. Penguinforce

    Do I Need an Endorsment to become a Ground Instructor?

    I have taken the IGI exam and I’m about to take the FOI written exam as well. I have an appointment setup with a FSDO officer before the end of the year and I just wanted to verify endorsements. I know to take the actual written exams I do not need an endorsement, but do I need to take an...
  2. F

    Turbo 182T (G1000) Instruction in NorCal

    Hey folks, recently acquired a T182T in the Santa Rosa/Petaluma area. Hoping to use this aircraft for all of my ratings/time-building through to commercial. Previous experience is ~50 hours in a 172S, half of that in G1000, with one solo and a few cross country lessons. I'm looking for an...
  3. Daleandee

    Which Flight Control Turns The Plane?

    This has been hashed over many times before. In this short video Spencer Suderman gives us his take on it. His answer may surprise you. Do you agree?
  4. O

    What’s the Status of Training in Special Classes?

    I’ll get the details wrong, but there was recently an FAA legal case that resulted in an opinion that no flight training could take place in Experimentals, LSAs, or any other Special category without a LODA. Oshkosh happened, and there was a flurry of discussion. Mount Vernon happened and there...
  5. Hank Gibson

    Looking for a Cessna T210 Experienced CFI

    I'm looking for a Cessna T210 experienced CFI in the Houston or Austin area to give an initial checkout to two of my customers who are purchasing T210Ns. One is in Austin and the other in Beaumont. Email for pay details and scheduling. Anticipate 2-3 days of training per customer...
  6. rhkennerly

    Q: Rusty Private to LSA class airplane BFR/retraining

    I need some expert guidance on how to proceed. I'm shopping for an Aeronca, etc., which qualifies as an LSA. I'd like to go pick it up and fly back Xc. In the meantime, I want to get back into the left seat and get current with a BFR. I think I've got a good handle on the ground school...
  7. R

    Aviation Community in Mexico?

    (cross posted on Baja Bush Pilots) Hi PoA - I work remote and love being south of the border. After acquiring my PPL (~50 hours deep), I'd like to continue flying/learning/staying proficient in Mexico and becoming fluent in Spanish. I'm wondering what you folks would suggest as far as good...
  8. Chicago Bearhawk

    Want To Buy INDEPENDENT CFII near Michiana w/in 40 miles of KMGC

    Looking for an Independent CFII to finish up Instrument rating. I have passed the written test 20 months ago and have 10+ hours of hood time, own aircraft and am willing to fly 40 or so miles for training. I have PA-28, w/ GTN650 NO SCHOOLS Requirements: 1. Want to finish training and take...
  9. Martin Pauly

    Twin training - "The Drill" after losing one

    I'm going through multi-engine training right now, working with Doug Rozendaal in Mason City, IA. Really enjoying the experience and his style of teaching; a few things stood out as probably being good reminders for all ME pilots and useful introductions for new ones. Here is "the Drill" Doug...
  10. R

    Single Seat Checkout

    Okay this is my first time here. This looks like a great place for pilots to get answered to many questions. I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of my Face Book account. I have a Group that is all about pilots and Pilot interests. But, It’s not what I really like it to be. You can check...
  11. E

    Advice in switching CFI's

    Hi, I am new to flying and as exciting as it is, I'm a little overwhelmed and still trying to navigate this whole new world. I am currently in ground school and have only 4 hours of flight time. I am aware that this may be too early to change CFI's, however I don't feel as if I have...
  12. BoulderBill

    Best places to look for local freelance CFI?

    I really like the idea of pursuing my PPL by joining a local club for access to lower rental rates on planes and then seeking out a part-time freelance CFI to pay directly for training (and maybe even barter for some of it using my stellar engineering skills!). My question is two-fold: 1. What...
  13. koehn

    Mountain Flying Training near BJC

    I'm a flatland pilot heading to BJC in an M-20J to attend a conference in early May and am looking to get a day or half-day of Mountain Flying training in. A friend pointed me to the Colorado Pilot's Association page, and the one instructor in Golden whom I emailed hasn't responded. Any...