time building

  1. D

    Training has stalled. Advice sought. What would you do in my position?

    Well, my IRA checkride was cancelled by a DPE once, never to hear from him again, he's still doing rides. I found another DPE myself, and the last two dates have been rescheduled for wx. I was ready to take my checkride in March! My next date for my check ride is first week of July! I haven't...
  2. C

    Mexico Flying In Twin Engine Seneca II

    Hey guys! I am a 30 year FAA Gold Seal CFI with my own twin engine Seneca II. This is a six seater, turbo charged, with glass cockpit upgrade. I just retired from flying a King Air for a food company landing at dirt strips at the farms in Mexico. Anyone looking to build multi-engine time I...
  3. C

    Time Building Florida

    Looking for anyone who wants to time build in single engine or multi engine. Orlando/Sanford area.
  4. B

    Time Building DFW

    I am moving to Fort worth and am looking for someone to sit left seat in my C182 and act as a safety pilot for me while I work on CFI. I am a commercial pilot with instrument, but I am not instrument current. I have about 10hrs of dual with me sitting right seat. Im looking to maintain...
  5. T

    Time building (best wet hourly rate prices)

    Looking to see what are the wet rates in your area for flying? Rocky Mountain flying $99-wet c172 Little rock - $85 wet -pa28
  6. P

    Multi Engine Time Building

    Hi all, I'm located in Tulsa, OK. I have my Commercial Multi but need to build about 30 more hours of multi time to get to a job I'm wanting. I know Lease a Plane at KRVS has a seminole and I've flown it a couple hours. With an instructor, it is about $350 an hour. They won't let you rent it...
  7. T

    Commercial rating questions.

    I wanted to reach out for clarification. Night flying 61.129(a)(3)(iii) and 61.129(a)(4)(ii) I’ve completed the 2 hour night xc flight requirement and I wanted to find out if the 2hours of night flying eat away some of the 5 hours of VFR night duties -PIC? “My night flight was 2.3 hours of...
  8. T

    New private pilot time builder ?

    Are there any websites for time building or social media group pages for low time pilots looking to build time together as a safety pilots? I went to a small Flight school and it wasn’t a lot of networking available for safety pilots or time builders after private. I’ve started instrument...
  9. T

    Time building in Atlanta

    Good morning, I’m a brand new private pilot and I’m looking to build XC Time/safety pilot. If your in the Atlanta area please post your airport code below. I fly out of the KCCO area. PPL-ASEL
  10. Jake Simpson

    Buying an airplane at a young age

    Hey all, I'm looking into getting my first airplane to build time in the next month or so. I'm a PPL and doing my training at Purdue. I will need a loan for the plane itself which I'm looking to purchase for roughly $30-35k. (I don't have an exact plane picked out yet) I will be able to...
  11. C

    Should I get a Beechcraft Musketeer?

    Hello all, I have been looking into a bunch of different planes to buy a for time building use and recently have come across a Musketeer that is in my price range. The problem that I have run into when looking into these small planes is I'm 6'6 and I'm never sure if I will fit or not. I have...
  12. C

    Tall pilot looking to buy a time building plane

    I just received my commercial certificate and I’m currently looking at planes to buy to build time but the only problem is that I’m 6’6 I did all my training in a 172 and I fit well enough but honestly I’m ready to fly something different but I know there aren’t a lot of options out there for a...
  13. Andrew S

    Searching for new or creative opportunities to jumpstart career

    Hey friends, I just thought I would throw this question out there to see if anyone knew anything that I didn't or could offer any help. I am just looking for any opportunities out there that would either encourage or facilitate flight training and/or aviation career growth. I recently just...
  14. P

    Cost Effective Time Building - Tulsa, OK

    Hi everyone. Brand new to this forum but love what I see. I’m in Tulsa, OK and looking to see if there is anyone around here who is interested in building some time? Or knows anyone with an airplane that needs to be flown more? (Wishful thinking of course). Ive got PPL. Also, any opinions on...
  15. G


    hey pilots , im training and building time trough my CPL and while holding a 2nd job its still not easy paying for our expensive hobby .. so my question to you is , how did you managed to go trough this stage of trainings and what are you ides to lower the expenses ? do you know any flight...
  16. J

    Safety pilot in NC area

    Hello everyone, I recently finished my private and plan to work straight through for my IFR and CPL starting in September 2019. I have rented a PA28 for 100 hours and plan to fly all over the country. This will meet the cross country and PIC requirements but the hood time is the problem. To...
  17. CaliFlier

    Time Sharing in OC

    Looking for a pilot that lives in the Orange County area that would want to split the cost of time building. I have PPL with instrument rating building hours to get a commercial. I usually fly out of Chino in a C172S but am flexible.
  18. A

    Flight club at FFC (Atlanta area)

    I have several airplanes available in Atlanta area. Please contact me if you are interested. At present I have Cirrus SR20 (Gen 2) at LZU, Cessna 150 and 152 at WDR, Cessna 172 at CVC, Piper Cherokee 180 at Lenora, Piper Cherokee 180 and Piper Apache Geronimo Conversion at FFC. I can lease out...
  19. M

    Looking for Partner to buy a plane SE Florida

    Looking for 1 or 2 partners to buy a single engine airplane on the $30 - $35k price range (piper cherokee 140, 150, 180 or a 172 mid timer or less smoh), ifr equiped to build flight time. I am located in souteast Florida.
  20. chickencanfly

    Looking to time build or fly safety pilot in SoCal

    Hello Currently working on my IR and need hood time and cross country time. Rent out of KCNO wet C172 between $125 to $140 depending on the C172 type =N/M/SP. Split costs 50%/50% and split hood time/safety pilot roles. Flexible and can fly of SoCal area, as long it is close to KCNO. Thanks.