1. brcase

    So-Cal Complex/ATC Airspace Training Plan

    I am planning some training for a friend of mine that purchased a Mooney and is based at Flabob. Below is the long version. But here are short version questions for local pilots… What airports are best for practicing Takesoffs and Landings near Flabob? Any tips/tricks/recommendations for...
  2. chickencanfly

    Looking to time build or fly safety pilot in SoCal

    Hello Currently working on my IR and need hood time and cross country time. Rent out of KCNO wet C172 between $125 to $140 depending on the C172 type =N/M/SP. Split costs 50%/50% and split hood time/safety pilot roles. Flexible and can fly of SoCal area, as long it is close to KCNO. Thanks.