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    Commercial training, realistically!

    Can you truly learn the maneuvers in 10 hours in a single engine airplane? Lazy 8s ,chandelles, steep spiral , 8s on pylon and power off 180s? Can these maneuvers truly be completed in about 10 hours? Can you really learn to fly commercial maneuvers in a redbird simulator? Looking at it...
  2. P

    Commercial Long Cross-Country C150

    Help.. Help.. Help..! FAR 61.129 Cessna 150/ 18G on Fuel Tank, endurance approx 3-4 hrs. cutting corner "How can I do a Commercial Long CX-Country total distance of 300NM with 250NM straight? There is no way possible. CAN I DO FUEL STOP in the middle, is it LEGAL or VALID? Departing from KHWO.
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    Flight schools best rates

    I’ve recently come across two flight schools that have really great rates for training and rental. A/c hourly rate: Rocky Mountain flight school with c150 and c172 ranging from 90 - 135 dollars an hour KBJC North Little Rock air: pipers ranging from 85 -125 an hour. KORK What other...
  4. C

    For Sale Multi-Engine Cross Country Training

    Multi=Engine cross country training by Riter Aviation, Nogales, AZ and SOCAL areas. I have just retired from corporate flying and I have a twin engine Piper Seneca II, PA-34-200T, six seater, glass cockpit, and with new interior. I would like to offer doing the advanced cross country...
  5. F

    CFI Question Student with Rotary Wing Time Transitioning to Fixed Wing Pvt

    Question: How much of a student pilots time in rotary wing transfer to fixed wing (PVT). A prospective student who contacted me, former Navy (non flying), has about 40 hours icivilian helicopter training years ago, some solo time. He wants to get his fixed wing rating after a long hiatus...
  6. JScarry

    Student, client, customer, pilot, applicant ...

    but not learner. I’ve been helping an older CFI renew her certificate using the AOPA CFI Renewal Course and I thought it was amusing how many different ways they refer to pilots receiving training. If you need to renew your CFI this course is much better than Sporty’s although the quizzes are...
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    Anyone have experience with Melbourne Flight Academy in Florida? I'm considering their acce

    Does anyone have any experience with Melbourne Flight Academy in Florida? I'm considering their accelerated training. Thanks!
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    Anyone have experience with L3Harris School in Florida?

    Does anyone have experience with L3Harris School in Sanford Florida? I'm considering their accelerated pilot program. They seem quite "pro" and have a large fleet, but I'm hoping to get some actual feedback from previous students (who haven't been "incentivized") to do so. Thanks!
  9. P

    Multi Engine Time Building

    Hi all, I'm located in Tulsa, OK. I have my Commercial Multi but need to build about 30 more hours of multi time to get to a job I'm wanting. I know Lease a Plane at KRVS has a seminole and I've flown it a couple hours. With an instructor, it is about $350 an hour. They won't let you rent it...
  10. W

    Sport Certification near Eastern Nebraska

    I'm interested in pursuing a Sport Pilot Certificate near Lincoln, Nebraska, but can't seem to find anywhere within an hour+ drive that instructs with, or even rents, light sport aircraft. Does anyone have any leads? Previous posts (from years ago) point to either businesses that no longer...
  11. R

    What path should I take to get to the majors

    Hello My name is Ryan I'm a Junior in high school about to turn 17 I want to make it to the majors but I am trying to decide the best path for me currently I found a flight school that would do my PPL part 61 at 11 grand full costs but I feel like this will add up quickly with all the upcoming...
  12. T

    Research Subjects Needed

    Hello fellow pilots, I am Tyler Arnold, a high school junior and flight student in North Carolina. For my AP Capstone Research course, I am looking into the relationship between flight training and the airline pilot shortage. For my research, I will need subjects to take a short survey that goes...
  13. A

    Advanced Ratings While Working Full Time

    Looking for any advice / tips / thoughts anyone might have. I am a private pilot and currently work a full time (50-60 hour) job in an unrelated field but have always wanted to pursue a career in professional flying. For years, it was more of just a “hey, that would be really cool” idea in my...
  14. PeterNSteinmetz

    Materials for teaching Unusual Attitude Recovery

    I was just looking through both the PHAK and AFH and did not see any sections explicitly about unusual attitude recoveries. What materials, preferably FAA provided, do people use when teaching this to students?
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    Useful Flight Training and Career Advice Resource

    I am a laid off airline pilot based in Canada and ex flight instructor and have decided to put my free time to a good use. I have put together a website to provide aviation career advice and flight training articles for aviation students and enthusiasts. To check it out please visit...
  16. K

    New CFI NE Arkansas, SE Missouri, West Tennessee

    Hello everyone, I am a new CFI in the Northeast Arkansas, Southeast Missouri, and West Tennessee area. I will be traveling to meet the need in these areas. I know there is a need and want for aviation training and knowledge. I am trying to keep GA growing and train the next generation as well...
  17. J

    Flight School tips, especially if located in the Atlanta area

    Should I go to an actual school or just find a CFI and rent a plane to get my ppl? If you're located around Atlanta and have went to flight school at either aero atlanta, skybound aviation, all 2 fly aviation academy, or american air flight training then please let me know how your experience...
  18. L

    Private Pilot Checkride Aircraft Requirments

    Hello, I own a 1946 Ercoupe with rudder pedals. I am currently a student pilot and was wondering when it come time for my check ride what are the requirements for my aircraft (ie. required equipment etc...)? Thank You
  19. easik

    Are You Too Old To Become A Pilot?

    I recently met a student pilot in his 50s at the Sling Pilot Academy. I did a short video interview below. At first I thought he was just there to get a private pilot license. But he says he plans to go all the way to become a commercial pilot and work for the airlines. My initial reaction was...
  20. write-stuff

    Choosing a Flight Instructor

    If you know someone considering flight training, here's an article that will likely be very helpful to them. Please pass it along: https://groundschool.com/articles/choosing-your-flight-instructor