flight training

  1. Trever Oakes

    Effect of Ailerons on Angle of Attack

    I've been working on a research paper, and I haven't been able to find a solid description of this. Why does a downward aileron cause a higher angle of attack, and likewise an upward aileron causes a lower angle of attack? Is it the same as the reason why flaps cause a higher angle of attack, by...
  2. G

    Embry-Riddle vs FBO/local

    Hello, i’m a freshman at ERAU Prescott. I eagerly enrolled here with the intentions to get a degree (aeronautical science) as well as acquire all my hours and certifications to become an airline pilot. Being an airline pilot has interested me for a while and i made my decision to pursue a career...
  3. M

    Looking for Partner to buy a plane SE Florida

    Looking for 1 or 2 partners to buy a single engine airplane on the $30 - $35k price range (piper cherokee 140, 150, 180 or a 172 mid timer or less smoh), ifr equiped to build flight time. I am located in souteast Florida.
  4. Keith Ward

    Flight Training 101: School’s In Session

    (This is taken from my blog. Click here to read on my website. Some members object to just providing a link, feeling that it's just clickbait, so I'm providing both options. Moderators, if this breaks any written or unwritten rules, please let me know). So, I was totally ready to fly yesterday...
  5. L

    Ercoupe for training

    I currently have 20 hours of training in the Cherokee Do you think it’s would bad to finish my training in a ercoupe since it doesn’t have rudder pedals Also how much longer do you think a 70 year older ercoupe will last Thanks
  6. easik

    Flight Training - From Wife's Perspective

    I've discussed the monetary cost of getting my pilots license in detail. But there are some other cost that comes with flight training that's not money related. So I invited my wife to discuss this with me on video.
  7. C

    When Will I Solo (asked many times I'm sure)

    Hi, new member here, I have been taking flight lessons for about 2 moths now. Currently I have 15.2 hours with 61 TO/LN. I have done everything in CFR 61.87 I train at a towered airport, so have plenty of ATC / Com experience. When I bring up the subject of solo with my CFI all I get is soon...
  8. L

    Cockpit Audio recording

    I’m attempting to record audio from my flight lessons. I don’t need the video, just audio to review when I’m not up in the air. I watched a few videos and looked around the web and so far I cannot find to much information. I have some items I found on amazon that I think will work but how can I...
  9. A

    Diamond DA40 or Cessna Skyhawk PPL training Question

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get some valuable input regarding the issue I am trying to figure out. I am going to begin my aviation journey this summer and I am really excited for it! Theres just one problem, I don't know what flight school to choose. I am caught between a school that is locally...
  10. Teddy Nixon

    All2Fly Flight Academy

    Hi Everyone, First time caller long time listener here. I was wondering if anyone had any information or experience with All2Fly at PDK here in Atlanta. I am still in the process of looking for a flight school anywhere in the Cobb County, Dekalb County area. Thanks in Advanced!
  11. S

    Ft. Lauderdale Flight Training

    Hi, New here. I haven’t flown in about 12 years and am interested in getting my currency back now, and working on my instrument rating starting the end of 2018. My problem is, in the promised land of flight training, I can’t get a flight school or a flight instructor to return a call or an...
  12. J

    Purchase Cessna 172? Best CFI in Jacksonville, FL

    I am researching flight schools and planes. From all the reading I've done, the Cessna 172 will be what I'll train in. I am considering purchasing one. Doing so would cut down the cost of training significantly and then I will know how to fly in what I own. Has anyone done this? Please...
  13. Aviator_VanLan

    US Sport Aircraft vs American Flyers - KADS

    Good Afternoon, I am considering these two flight schools in the Dallas area. I plan to continue my training beginning with Instrument and continuing until CFII-MEI. Have any of y'all attended these schools or heard about them? I know 3 pilots who attended American Flyers in Tx but nobody from...
  14. Andrew Byrd

    The best path?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum world, so please excuse any errors that I make. I currently have my PPL ASEL and am looking at doing an accelerated course to get my IR. The flight school I'm wanting to attend offers a 10 day multi-engine course as well, so I was wondering if I should go ahead...
  15. Mendy

    Please Help Me Choose A Flight School

    Hello all, I am a new user and was hoping to find some insight to ease my overwhelmingness of choosing a flight school. I'm currently located in Boston and recently graduated from university this spring, and have been researching various programs that will put me on the track to fly for the...
  16. Danimal

    Best route for long XC from KVGT

    What is the best route of flight to fulfil the commercial cross country requirement CFR 61.129 (a)(4)(i) from KVGT (North Las Vegas) in a Cessna 172 with standard tanks?
  17. A

    Part 61 Training

    I am interested in moving from a 141 program to a 61 flight training program in Chicago. I have a PPL and am going to start the instrument course. My concern is the weather. I know that if I don't finish certification, I lose the hours in a 141 program. If I train via 61, and I need to travel...
  18. R

    What's the best route to take when starting my training?

    Good Morning From PA! I am 100% new to forums of any kind, so please excuse me if I've posted in the wrong area or am otherwise breaking protocol. At 28, I've decided to pursue my dream of flying, but I don't have money to spend up front, and I'm afraid of not being able to find a job to pay...
  19. B

    San Diego flight training

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on flight training in San Diego. I'm in the military and just transferred down to the area. I'm currently waiting to do my instrument check ride, but once that is done I would like to continue my flight training to get on with an airline in the future. I was...
  20. Mr.Khan

    Std Pilot with 220 TT Looking for better flight school in Atlanta,GA