1. DrMack

    Sold KRBD Dallas Executive DA40XL

    Seat available in an immaculate 2007 Diamond DA40XL (N704PA). Currently 4 partners but one needs to sell his seat due to growing family (wife + 2 teen boys + all their team sporting gear + baggage exceeds MTOW). Airplane has been hangared since birth. ADS-B in/out installed. G1000 with GFC700...
  2. E

    Wanted: Partnership Partnership in SC

    Looking for partners for aircraft purchase in the Columbia SC area (KCAE, KCUB, KFDW, KAIK and surrounding area). I currently have over 185 hours (50+ in arrow/Saratoga) and about to take IR checkride. Going all the way to CFI & CFII after commercial. Looking for partners (3 max) interested in...
  3. F

    Want To Buy Training Partnership?

    I have been researching the idea of buying an aircraft for training purposes. I would like to buy with a partner to relieve some of the maintenance cost. Partner does not have to be in training. Thinking of getting a cheap C150 for a maximum of 25k-30k.If I can find a decent C172 or Piper, IFR...
  4. Chrisgoesflying

    Wanted: Partnership Looking for 1 or 2 partners in Houston for trainer/time builder

    I'm a student pilot and figured it's probably better (and more flexible) to co-own a plane for training and time building. I'm looking to partner up with 1 or 2 pilots (or student pilots) to buy a C-150/152 or TriPacer or anything around those lines. I don't want it to cost more than $10,000 -...
  5. A

    Want To Buy Partnership

    Looking for 4-8 persons flying club/partnership in the bay area, California San Jose, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Morgan Hill, California Me: PPL with 175+ hours in Cessna 172/150/182 Thanks!
  6. J

    Wanted: Partnership KORL - Partners Wanted; Orlando, Fl.

    Looking for interested parties to establish partnership of 3-4 members for single engine, 4-place airplane based in Orlando, Fl. Currently researching aircraft for purchase. Considering C-182, or Cirrus SR-20/22.
  7. W

    Sold 1/5th A36TC at KHEF Manassas,VA

    I have been a part-owner of this plane since 2012. As I have bought into a different partnership closer to home and dont have enough time to fly two planes, I have to let this one go. N1807F is a 1981 A36TC. The engine is a TSIO520UB Continental reman installed in 2014. It is equipped with a...
  8. P

    For Sale: Partnership Atlanta Georgia partnership forming KFTY

    Two pilots interested in partnership based at KFTY seeking two more. Would be looking to purchase a Piper Arrow/Mooney M20 or some other 4 place single engine. Purchase price would likely be in the $15,000 to $20,000 per person range. Fixed costs would have to be determined. We would want to...
  9. J

    For Sale 1978 Cessna 172N Partnership

    Hey there, new private pilot here. I live in Biloxi MS and just bought a 172 that is really in surprisingly good condition for its age. I keep it in hangered at Ocean Springs. I'm looking for a partnership to split maintenance costs and name sure she gets enough flying time. Let me know if...
  10. blurceo

    For Sale: Partnership 1962 M20C Partnership

    1962 Mooney M20C Located in the Atlanta West Metro TT: 4699 TBO:2699 Useful load: 899 LB This Mooney was previously owned by Pat Epps and the maintained by the maintenance department at Epps Aviation. The aircraft was re-manufactured at the Mooney factory in Texas in 2003. The engine...
  11. T

    Want To Buy Partnership DC area?

    Hi- I am looking for a 172 / 177 partnership in the DC area - either at Freeway, Lee KANP or Potomac ( KVKX ) . Feel free to email or text to 727 460 6575 - Thanks! Ted Greenfield
  12. J

    Want To Buy Looking for SoCal partner C170B

    All, Been out of the country for a bit- But now home and eager to get some flying in. With 2 youngsters the time is right for a 170B, but finances and time prevent solo ownership... I'm a 150 hr private with about 30 TW, but mature decision maker with a lot of aviation experience... I have...
  13. hish747

    A modest proposal...

    It's really challenging to find potential partners for aircraft fractional ownership, partnerships or on a larger scale, to form flying clubs around the country. There's a smattering of ads on Barnstormers, TAP and similar sites, but by and large no real go to resource that I'm aware of. As the...
  14. Bonchie

    Looking for Equity/Non-Equity partnership OR to Form a new partnership - Vicksburg/Jackson, MS area

    Open to anything. Fixed gear or complex. If it makes more sense for me to be non-equity (i.e. you want to retain full control of the plane), I can pay a fair amount a month + a dry rate. Again, I'm willing to discuss any arrangement. I'm IFR rated. I have time in Cessnas, Pipers, Mooneys, and...
  15. Bonchie

    Partnerships or the like in the Vicksburg/Jackson, MS area?

    Just moved back here from DC. I've found a great deal on a club with a VFR Cherokee at Hawkins for the time being to just build time (but it's not good for much else), but I'm looking for an IFR XC bird at some point. Full equity partnerships or just working out a monthly due + dry rate for a...