Want To Buy Looking for SoCal partner C170B

John Bussard

Jun 19, 2016
San Diego
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John Bussard
Been out of the country for a bit- But now home and eager to get some flying in. With 2 youngsters the time is right for a 170B, but finances and time prevent solo ownership...

I'm a 150 hr private with about 30 TW, but mature decision maker with a lot of aviation experience... I have available funds for a/c outright, but would like a partner to offset overhead costs (maintenance, hangar) and keep the airplane regularly flying.

First choice location would be at Ramona (like the country and a little extra buffer from Class B) though if someone has a strong preference I will move elsewhere.

Contact me here if interested!
Dang, if you were in Corona area I'd strongly consider this. Good airframe choice and good luck with your search.
Thanks much!
Dan Wotring at Cable got me hooked on said aircraft...
Daniel's the guy who checked me out in my 170! Good dude.

Ramona is definitely a quieter airport than the others in the San Diego area.

Gillespie isn't too bad. You might find it easier to locate a partner if you based it at SEE.