1. M

    Man up or not?

    So, I'm at a crossroads for deciding to buy or not... lots of context below and I welcome perspectives from those who've made some of these decisions ahead of me. I know these come up a lot and I've read a lot of old threads. Me: 49, married with kids, two good incomes, but we live in a very...
  2. The rogue

    For Sale Partnership PA32

    I'm looking for folks in west Michigan to partner in on a Cherokee Six, Lance, or Saratoga. Ive got a big family, but we won't be flying a ton. The preferred base would be KGRR or KAZO area, including 35D, KBTL, or 61D. I'm a COM ASEL Instrument pilot with a lapsed CFI. Thanks for looking...
  3. W

    Diamond DA62 Partnership (SW FL KAPF / KFMY)

    SO... looking for a partner in my 2021 Diamond DA62. Partnerships are tricky so here are the parameters: First, only a very experienced multi-engine and IFR rated pilot (or hire a competent Captain / CFI to accompany you). Next casual use of about 100 hrs/yr max so airplane is generally...
  4. T

    Atlanta area clubs or partnership

    Hello all! I just moved to the Atlanta area and have started to look for a place to fly out of. I quickly realised rental rates are high up here so have started to look into flying clubs or possibly joining a partnership. Does anyone know of any clubs or partnerships around Atlanta? I’m south...
  5. M

    For Sale Partnership wanted in the Albuquerque Area

    I am looking to buy a small single-engine aircraft but wanted to purchase/own with another partner. The aircraft has yet to be purchased, but would be under $35000, 2 or 4 seats, and have a current annual and low-time engine. Please contact me if interested.
  6. A

    Wanted: Partnership Cirrus SR22 - Northern NJ

    Looking for 4-6 folks (including myself) to set up a partnership to purchase an SR22 in northern NJ. My mission is occasional short and long distance trips with the wife and kids, but I won't use it near enough to justify sole ownership. Here are my current thoughts: + Location would be central...
  7. H

    Wanted: Partnership Piston Twin Partnership NE Georgia GVL KGVL

    Looking to form a 1/3 partnership in a Piper Navajo Chieftain at KGVL/GVL Gainesville GA
  8. papogator24

    X51 Homestead, Fl - Looking for Partnership

    Hello folks, this is probably a long shot since X51 has very low activities at the airport. Also, I'm a deaf pilot so getting into a flying club in another airport nearby doesn't work for me since it's towered. I'm looking for a partnership possibly for a C172.
  9. L

    For Sale Partnership in Knoxville

    I am having sellers remorse. Sold the G5 SR22 because we are not flying as much. Would really like a partnership plane the must have is FIKI. Willing to consider many options. Husband has over 1000 PIC. Based in Knoxville, TN. Just looking for the right situation. Willing to consider Seneca...
  10. B

    Wanted: Club Membership Bay Area Club/Partnership KPAO KSQL KSJC KRHV KHAF

    I am a private pilot who is moving to the Bay Area in July 2020. Nearly all of my training has been at KHHR in Los Angeles in Cirrus SR20's (G6). I'd love to stay with Cirrus aircraft but also considering options in other planes. My IFR training was cut short due to the Coronavirus but I plan on...
  11. C

    For Sale: Partnership Cirrus SR-22T at Rocky Mountain (KBJC) - Fly 1/4 Share With No Equity Buy-In

    * share available August 1, 2023 * I am looking for pilots to share in this beautiful, meticulously maintained 2007 Cirrus SR-22 Turbo. Fly like a 1/4 partner with a monthly & hourly lease and no equity buy in. $1,300 per month covers all costs (hangar, charts, base insurance) and includes 3...
  12. Z

    Wanted: Partnership Looking for a club / partnership for an affordable plane in Indianapolis

    ATP / CFII looking to buy a share of a Cessna 150 / 152 / 172, Piper Archer, etc. for leisure. Live close to KHFY (Greenwood Indiana), but willing to drive!
  13. B

    Want To Buy Looking for Partner in NYC (Cessna 172S SP)

    Hi folks - I'm currently looking at a 2001 Cessna 172S SP for $175k. Ideally would like to get a partner on the plane. With 4% interest rates at 80% LTV, the initial cash outlay ends up being $20-$30k per person, with $4k in annual interest payments, can also do a 25 year amort schedule...
  14. R

    For Sale: Partnership Half Interest in Bonanza A36 at PDK in Atlanta GA

    For sale: One-half interest in 1985 Beechcraft Bonanza A36 hangared at PDK in Atlanta GA. 5,400 TT. 760 SMOH in 2014. Turbonormalization by Tornado Alley Turbo (Whirlwind III with Rammer II intercooler, installed 2014 with new engine by RAM.) Hartzell 3-blade scimitar prop. 6-place...
  15. Jonny Sprague

    Wanted: Partnership Partnership Near KCAK,KYNG,KTSO,3G6,38D(NE Ohio)

    Hello, My name is Jonny and I am A 23 year old Private Pilot with High performance and Complex Endorsements. I have about 175 hours and climbing weekly in 2 types of Piper Aircraft, PA-32 and PA-28. I am currently working on getting my Instrument rating and am looking at completing the training...
  16. P

    Wanted: Partnership Seeking Denver based aircraft partnership

    Currently looking to buy a Grumman Tiger, Cirrus SR22T, Bellanca Super Viking or Dakota in a 2 or 3 person group. Basing at Metro or KAPA. Advise if interested.
  17. T

    For Sale Seeking Partnership

    I am ASEL, Complex/High Performance, Commercial MEL, Instruments, 750 hours. I am seeking a partnership in anything fast and well maintained that can be located at either KPDK or 3J7 (Greene County Regional/Reynolds Plantation). Please email with the details. Todd ( Thanks!
  18. easik

    Pilot/Owners In the Atlanta Area

    I run an aviation YouTube channel Mojogrip and I'm looking for pilot/aircraft owners local to Atlanta to feature on the channel. Big plus if you are in a partnership with your aircraft. This is a side of ownership that I've always wanted to discuss on the channel. If you're interested, respond...
  19. T

    Wanted: Partnership Looking for partnership M91 or kJwn

    looking for single engine partnership in Nashville area. Currently in a 50% with a 172n 180 conversion but unfortunately my partner is being transferred so time to move on. Anyone with any info please contact me
  20. K

    For Sale Looking for partner

    I'd like to share in a single engine Anywhere in the Chicago or Southern Wisconsin area Ive flown since 1976 mostly moonies and would like a partner that is mechanically savvy my husband was that and I'd like a partner I can trust in maintaining the aircraft. Just sold my Mooney m20k last...