Diamond DA62 Partnership (SW FL KAPF / KFMY)

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May 19, 2012
Naples FL
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SO... looking for a partner in my 2021 Diamond DA62. Partnerships are tricky so here are the parameters: First, only a very experienced multi-engine and IFR rated pilot (or hire a competent Captain / CFI to accompany you). Next casual use of about 100 hrs/yr max so airplane is generally available to each other, option for a couple of long periods away (month or so) once or twice per year for touring, otherwise few days to a week or so max away from base. Airplane needs a hangar, which are impossible to find, leaves only expensive options with one of the jet centers or perhaps you would have a hanger which would be really great. Finally prefer no financing on the plane so we don't have to worry about someone not making a payment. Unlikely to check all the boxes but one never knows about these things. If of interest let's kick it around. Cheers!
I wish you were on the other coast. I'd make that trade up in a heartbeat. :D

Good luck!
I am on the other coast also (Portland) but most of the time in FL. Developing properties in OR, Portland suburbs.
Wish you were in Tampa. I have hangar and would love this.