1. H

    New device increases safety for general aviation pilots

    General Aviation News Published an article about SkyVoice Alert 500, a takeoff and landing height announcer with LiDAR range of 590ft and repeated Gear Warnings from 560ft until the gear is down and locked, approved to install in all general aviation aircraft under the FAA’s Non Required Safety...
  2. David Loftus

    Mooney Acclaim Still Has a Single Door?

    I know Mooneys have a loyal following for good reason as they are great performing aircraft. It's a bit surprising that they have maintained a single passenger door through the many years of M20's through the Acclaim. I would think the focus on convenience and safety in higher-end GA aircraft...
  3. A

    Looking for current DC pilots

    Hey guys! I’m wrapping up my IR at KGAI with Pilot in Training, and I am relatively new to the local aviation community since I’ve been in the DC area for about a year. Reason for the post is I’m starting to get more serious about purchasing my first aircraft. Mooney M20’s are at the top of my...
  4. TuomoMooneyFlying

    The Adventure Begins at Currahee Mountain

    Toccoa is situated in North Georgia and was used during WWII as a training base for the paratroopers. It was the setting for the first Band of Brothers episode. We flew our Mooney there to check out the Currahee Military Museum and the Currahee Mountain.
  5. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Treating the flying itch (how I got into aviation)

    What’s the best treatment for the flying itch? Going flying of course! In this video I go over how I got into aviation. And if you came from a non-aviating family, leave a comment in the video on what inspired you to become a pilot?
  6. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Thomasville Fly-In - Part 2

    In this video, we look at a Mooney M20C that has been converted to a E model. And some interesting stories about the restoration. At the end of the Fly-In, it was time to fly back home.
  7. TuomoMooneyFlying

    Is a plane faster than a car over 126 miles?

    I recently decided to test, which one is faster. Dropped a video of the trip on YT. This was a flight through busy Atlanta class bravo. Let me know in the video comments if you like the “24” style format. Had a lot of fun flying and creating the video.
  8. TuomoMooneyFlying

    VLOG - AOPA Poker Run 2022

    Have you flown it and what’s your “hand”? Had an awesome time collecting cards, made a few videos of it. Part 1 is out if you want to check it out.
  9. Caleb Greene

    Dynon SkyView HDX Certified

    Hello fellow forumers, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I'm Caleb Greene and own an FAA Certified avionics facility at Cable Airport in Upland, CA. Recently, but not so recently, Dynon has come out to the certified market and are pushing production for STC in many single and...
  10. B

    Grumman Tiger Vs Mooney M20C or E

    So I've been hunting for a plane for months now and I'm down to these. My mental debate right now is operating costs. The vintage Mooney M20 C or E with the manual johnson bar gear and constant speed much more do these factors add in maintenance costs versus a fixed gear Grumman...
  11. J

    Looking for flight time in Vegas (KVGT, KHND)

    hi, I am looking for someone in the Vegas area who has a Mooney or a 6 seat single to fly with. I am interested in purchasing one day and want to get some experience in a large Piper or Cessna and also interested in a Bonanza. Willing to pay the pro rata share! Thanks
  12. W

    Want To Buy Aviation Scrap

    Good Afternoon, I would like to take off someone's hands any sort of aviation scrap. Experimental plane that took a hard landing? Caught fire on the ground? Blown over in heavy wind? Prop strike? Stolen/somehow destroyed? I am in no way trying to take advantage of an incident which resulted...
  13. Naithan Scott

    Mooney M20, Piper Arrow, Beech Banonza or Sierra....complex decisions

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is looking forward to the day full of festivities with friends, family and guests this Independence day. As I get closer to my private pilot check ride, I have begun to look into complex aircraft training *For personal experience before advanced endorsements*. To...
  14. Freight Dog

    For Sale: Aircraft 1966 M20E for sale in TX

    It has come time to part ways with my Mooney. We've proven the concept and it's time to upgrade. In my 6.5 years of owning this plane, I've put on 350 hours on it. It is a 1966 M20E, serial number 935. The registration shows 1965, but by serial number, it's a 1966 model. Here are the specs...
  15. Adam Weiss

    M20K Owners

    My partner and I have zeroed in on an M20K as our plane of choice. We were contemplating several different models in the M20 series, but as part of our individual missions, we will both need to fly from the Midwest over the Rockies, and the Turbo seems like a must-have for that. I have owned in...
  16. F

    Want To Buy Training Partnership?

    I have been researching the idea of buying an aircraft for training purposes. I would like to buy with a partner to relieve some of the maintenance cost. Partner does not have to be in training. Thinking of getting a cheap C150 for a maximum of 25k-30k.If I can find a decent C172 or Piper, IFR...
  17. Mooneysuper21

    MOONEY CFI NEEDED, Vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands with pay..

    I am located in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands, I own a Mooney M20E I need a cfi to get me trained for my ppl. Currently using King school online and jeppesen books for ground school studying. Have some flight time, 10hrs. My offer is, I will supply room and board, and a vehicle and your hourly...
  18. A

    Should I purchase A Mooney M20A w/ Wood Wings??

    So I have been going back and fourth on a Mooney M20A 1960 for the last week. My only concern is the wings are wood. Ive read both good and bad about wood wings but for some reason I would still feel more comfortable with metal wings. I actually today just came across a guy who is parting out...
  19. Tx_Flyboy

    New/updates on Diesel engines at OSH

    Anyone wandered over to Continental, EPS, or other manufacturers trying to get diesel/Tet-A engines Certified? If so any news?
  20. skier

    Mooney Air to Air

    Here is a recent air to air photo shoot with a Mooney. I'm always looking for more subjects. If you're in NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, or VT and interested in an air to air photoshoot, let me know.