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Oct 17, 2017
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Good Afternoon,

I would like to take off someone's hands any sort of aviation scrap. Experimental plane that took a hard landing? Caught fire on the ground? Blown over in heavy wind? Prop strike? Stolen/somehow destroyed?

I am in no way trying to take advantage of an incident which resulted in a loss of life or severe injury. However, if you have scrap which is not serving you, that loss can go toward a new purpose.

I am an artist located on the East coast who works with metal sculptures. I usually make silicon molds of crushed material and recast it in new mediums. It's "abstract", as some like to say. It's not for interior design or re-purposing.

I have many friends who fly so I can guarantee you that I am in no way looking for salvage parts or material. I am looking for scrap - material that is done flying.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions, leads, or ideas.

With thanks,
Call Don @ discount aircraft salvage, he'll fix you up.
cool. post a few pics of your work.
Yes please share what you make, would love to see it!
Add me to list of folks who wish to see your creations.
Thank you all for the recommendations. I will post some of my work shortly. Thank you!
Any of the salvage yards, Flying Colors, Texas Air Salvage, Wentworth, likely have literally tons of stuff that they know they will never sell.
In fact, my former boss has tons of OV-1 Mohawk and Beech 18 parts that he might donate to a registered charity for the tax deduction. He donated the entire a/c below to a local film school. Otherwise, no doubt will sell.