1. ArrowFlyer86

    EAB - Variation in maintenance difficulty by manufacturer

    When it comes to EAB aircraft are there any prevailing thoughts/wisdom in the community about manufacturers or models that are easier to work on than others? Not necessarily the ease of building the kit from scratch, but in terms of ongoing mx. Specifically for the things you might do in normal...
  2. L

    Flying to the Bahamas in an Experimental-Amateur Built?

    I currently own a certified aircraft but I'm interested in owning an E-AB later (something like a Sonex, Zenith, etc.). It looks like E-AB aircrafts require an additional paperwork to fly to the Bahamas, as suggested from this link...
  3. H

    A 525HP Murphy Moose on floats

    The thing sounds like a dragster. Murphy makes great kits, is just a shame that it hasn't found his sweet spot
  4. Daleandee

    Required Service Bulletins For Experimental Aircraft

    The question has been asked on other forums about whether there is a legal requirement to follow Service Bulletins that are given for an experimental aircraft/engine. FWIW, I think it's very wise to keep current with Service Bulletins that are issued. The engine on my aircraft has received a...
  5. H

    So, Textron just bought Pipistrel

    https://investor.textron.com/news/news-releases/press-release-details/2022/Textron-to-Acquire-Electric-Aircraft-Pioneer-Pipistrel/default.aspx What are your thoughts here guys? Good news or bad news for us aviators? A remake of the Skycatcher?
  6. H

    Should you get a PPL license even if you are only expecting to fly LSA?

    I met a guy the other day at my flight school who is getting his Recreational Permit as he only expects to fly LSA. It makes me wonder if you should still go for PPL even if you only intend to fly LSA (which is my personal case). Should you start with RP and upgrade to PPL on the go, or should...
  7. H

    Buy/build a new Experimental or an get an old GA and refurbish it?

    Hi folks. With today's prices for new (and old!) GA planes, looks like the experimental/home built/LSA market is looking attractive. Yes, I know that I'm comparing apples to pineapples, but both will fly you places. I also know that some LSA/ELSA have price tags of 200K-300K and more (brand...
  8. Skepilot

    Building a Sling TSi in under 8 minutes

    I made short video of the building of my airplane, "One Alpha Mike," a Sling TSi. About a year's worth of work consolidated into less than 8 minutes. Many thanks to Evan Brunye for expert Build Assist!
  9. Daleandee

    Dan Gets It Right - Graphic Crash

    Nasty crash of an experimental aircraft. This is hard to see but there are huge lessons to be learned. Sadly we have a person at our airport that could be following the same path ... his head is very hard and his ears ain't working. What would you do to prevent this?
  10. Arnold

    LODA - Could not be simpler - nor quicker.

    1) Sent email to FAA at address shown on EAA website. 9-AVS-AFG-LODA@faa.gov Last night 2309 UTC 2) Received email acknowledging receipt of my email at 2317. 3) Received email with ,pdf form to complete. Form included clear instructions. This AM. 4) Completed form and sent via email to...
  11. N

    G3X touch + GNX375 a minimalist EAB IFR panel? Backup "gyro"(G5) req'd? GTN650 instead of GNX375?

    Go easy, I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to "technically advanced aircraft" as they relate to 91.205 and exprimental category aircraft. considering a "builder assist" EAB situation in the next year or so. They told me they could build an IFR panel on a tandem taildragger in...
  12. Mark W

    New from Delaware

    Hello everyone. I’m new to this Site and need to post to get access to all the features so here it goes. I am an experimental home build from Dover Delaware trying to find groups in the area with little to no luck. There are a few local airports but it seems they have very little activity at all...
  13. Michael Colley

    For Sale: Aircraft 2004 Stewart P-51D Mustang

    INQUIRE HERE: https://www.aeroavion.com/listings/2004-stewart-p-51d-mustang/ Kit Built P-51 Mustang Sold By Mason Hall Stewart 70% P-51 replica. All restrictions have been flown off and inspections are all current. The aircraft is ready for your paint scheme. Hangar kept and regularly ran...
  14. H

    Need help with a JPI EDM-740 upgrade

    I have an EDM-740 firmware version 7.10.000 in my Experimental. It was having a Datalog Error so I tried to upgrade its firmware to V7.47. Per the downloaded directions I transferred the .pkg file to the jump drive, but the Apploader (Nov 17, 2009) kept asking for a .sim extension file. Now the...
  15. IK04

    I've had it with Type Certificated aircraft...

    Taking into consideration the ridiculous cost of purchasing, equipping, maintaining and modifying "Certificated" aircraft, I have determined that any future chance of my owning and flying an airplane or gyroplane will mandate an E-AB aircraft. If I want an airplane that can carry more than me...
  16. G

    Warner Revolution II/Space Walker Open Cockpit

    I have an opportunity to get an un-skinned Spacewalker II with engine for under 1.5k... I have the background and capability to put her back together, but couldn’t find much of anything on pilot experience with them...don’t think there are more than 20 or 30 airframes out there. Any info, even...
  17. W

    Want To Buy Aviation Scrap

    Good Afternoon, I would like to take off someone's hands any sort of aviation scrap. Experimental plane that took a hard landing? Caught fire on the ground? Blown over in heavy wind? Prop strike? Stolen/somehow destroyed? I am in no way trying to take advantage of an incident which resulted...
  18. M

    what do I need to know about buying a new experimental airplane?

    background: I got my single engine land VFR pilot certificate about 20 years ago, but I haven't flown much for the past 15 years and not as pilot in command. I know I'll need to get a new 3rd class medical certificate and probably some kind of radio operator permit that I can't remember the...
  19. easik

    I checked Out The $40,000 Saberwing Airplane

    This past week I had a great time talking to Bill at Azalea Aviation about The Saberwing aircraft. For those who are not familiar with this airplane, it's a 2 place experimental that uses a Corvair engine. Climbs at 500 ft - 750 ft per minute and cruises @ 150 mph, burning 5-6 gallons of fuel...
  20. easik

    Kit Build/Experimental For Less Than $50K

    Someone asked the other day on the current state of GA and my answer was "cost". LSA and Experimental are supposed to be low entry level for flying. Yet just about every LSA I've covered are selling north of $200K fully loaded. So I'll like to make a list of experimental aircraft you can build...