1. easik

    Kit Build/Experimental For Less Than $50K

    Someone asked the other day on the current state of GA and my answer was "cost". LSA and Experimental are supposed to be low entry level for flying. Yet just about every LSA I've covered are selling north of $200K fully loaded. So I'll like to make a list of experimental aircraft you can build...
  2. CessnaTom

    Experimental Helicopter

    https://baltimore.craigslist.org/bfs/d/experimental-helicopter-really/6529601277.html This looks like the Craft of the Day! Would you? Thoughts?
  3. easik

    Vans RV-10 Vs. Sling 4

    I recently reviewed both these aircraft and I think some of the stats do stack up against each other depending on who’s looking and what you’re comparing. Here are somethings to consider
  4. X3 Skier

    EFIS for $100

    Build your own EFIS for about $100. Good for Experimentals or a backup. Something I'm going to fiddle with just for fun. Cheers
  5. cholubaz

    Insurance on a Experimental Plane VS Factory

    Hello all, Can any of you who have owned both a certified factory plane. Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, etc.. and also some kind of experimental please tell me what you have found to be true when it comes to insuring them. For example a 200hr pilot with complex and HP endorsements owning a Bonanza...
  6. M

    IFR Solution for Experimentals......

    All, I asked the following of Garmin: "Can I pair the TSO's GTX345 (with WAAS GPS) to my G3X and be good for IFR flights? If the GTX345's TSO's WAAS GPS positioning is being fed to the G3X, then I would think I would be good for IFR navigation." I got this response: "I understand your line...