1. David Loftus

    Grand Canyon Flight with 7 cameras

    A few recent posts about the Grand Canyon so I'll share my latest flight from May 2023 to Vegas via KGCN in my DA40. Video from every angle, including 5 Gopro and other action cameras, one a Gopro Max 360-degree cam mounted on the tail, my Sony Superzoom RX10 mirrorless, and iPhone...
  2. David Loftus

    Grand Canyon Video with 7 Cameras in a DA40

    A few threads recently on the Grand Canyon, thought I'd share my latest pass:
  3. flyerfocus

    Mounting a Canon DSLR Instead of a GoPro in C172?

    I'm interested in mounting a camera from the interior ceiling of a Cessna 172 and recording video while flying. I was looking at getting a GoPro but it occurred to me I already have a Canon 5D MK IV DSLR which is capable of shooting 4K video. Has anyone managed to mount a Canon DSLR to a GoPro...
  4. Jake Simpson

    GoPro mounts?

    Hey guys, What are the best and most secure mounts for a gopro for the exterior of an airplane? I plan on putting a gopro on the outside wingtip of my arrow as well as possibly on the bottom of the tail for some future videos. Anyone here have used any mounts on this aircraft type and have...
  5. Captain Bubba

    My GoPro Hero setup

    I like to mount the Hero out on the strut as it just provides better video than mounting it inside. The disadvantage to doing this is you can't change the battery mid-flight, so it limits your recording time as typically you only get about 90 minutes of recording time depending on how you have...
  6. C

    GoPro Audio-In?

    Unless I'm wrong, there's no way to get my GoPro to connect to my Garmin GMA 345's Bluetooth to push audio to the video feed. I see that there are some wired options available that work by using both a GoPro adapter for splitting the USB-C input into...
  7. Jakey

    Flying with 2 GoPro MAX 360 Cameras

    First attempt at videoing our flight with 2 GoPro Max 360 Cameras.
  8. benyflyguy

    GoPro advice

    I am thinking about a new GoPro. I have a Hero 3+ I got on eBay a few years ago for high altitude ballooning. For that application it works just fine. Cheap enough if it breaks or I lose it I don’t get too upset. Fast forward. A busy this weekend asked if I could use it to tape a flight or two...
  9. JScarry

    Audio line level and GoPro

    We’re going to record this month’s EAA meeting for folks who feel that they shouldn’t go out in public. Plus we have a really interesting speaker lined up so we might get some hits on YouTube. I connected an Audio-Technica shotgun mic to an Audio Duo mixer. The mixer has an output that...
  10. Martin Pauly

    My camera setup for flying videos

    People often ask me what my camera setup is for my flying videos, so I've made this video to show how I use a combination of GoPro cameras, a camcorder, an audio recorder for the intercom, and other devices to capture everything going on during a flight. For anyone going to Sun 'n Fun, I'll...
  11. Huckster79

    Go Pro Questions

    Alright not looking to suppliment my income by becoming a top 10 Youtuber, but we have a vacation to Florida and some deep sea fishing coming up, and we want a go-pro. I want one I can mount in the 140 if I'm going to get one. I'm cheap by genetics... Not looking for the latest greatest but...
  12. forseth11

    Flight Video from Oshkosh to Fort Worth

    So last week I got back from an 8 day trip as Oshkosh. While I was there I got two GoPros, so I recorded my return trip. Here is the video I made: I plan on making more, and as soon as I get to take my CFI checkride, I want to make instruction videos and make videos talking about aviation to...
  13. I

    Recording lessons - recommendation

    Not sure if this is the best sub forum for this...but I'd like to record my flying lessons with a camera, so that I can review things later, and hopefully spot things that I didn't notice at the time. I talked to my instructor about it and he thinks it's a good idea too. Right now the only...
  14. bisctboy

    GoPro Mount for Airplanes

    Unlike other GoPro aircraft video mounts, MyPilotPro is not just made for a specific aircraft. MyPilotPro can be attached to virtually any General Aviation or Light Sport aircraft that have tie downs, which means that it can be utilized by all private pilots. As long as your aircraft has a tie...
  15. S

    Flying from FL to NY

  16. B

    Gopros, Audio and YouTube channels...

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to start using go pro's and such to record my progress, as well as maybe share for others. I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct spot but I'd love to know: What camera(s) do you use? What are the best settings for such camera? What type of jacks do you use for...
  17. bisctboy

    GoPro Exterior & Interior Mounts for Airplanes

    GoPro Mount for Airplanes Unlike other GoPro exterior aircraft mounts, MyPilotPro can be attached to any General Aviation or Light Sport aircraft that have tie downs. As long as your aircraft has a tie down, you can attach MyPilotPro! My Customers include owners of Cessna...
  18. bisctboy

    MyPilotPro Spider GoPro Cockpit Mount

    MyPilotPro Spider GoPro Cockpit Mount $24.95 & FREE SHIPPING MyPilotPro Spider is a perfect addition to the cockpit for recording your GoPro aviation footage. It’s small footprint and effective design allows you to attach it to any non-porous surface inside the cockpit. The Spider mount is...